Knowing More About Anavar And Clen Cycle


Both Anavar and clen are the most used steroids by fitness enthusiasts and sports persons. Anavar has stayed at the top of the charts being mild steroid though powerful enough to get the desired the weight loss. Clenbuterol on the other hand is very good in gaining muscle mass and strength. Together form a formidable force that will definitely set your dream of getting a toned and ripped physique come true. Use a prescriçãomedica.

They have their own side effects and together if not taken properly without any guidance they can spell disaster. Proper diet plan, exercise regime and prescribed dosages of Anavar and clen can give you the body contour that you would be seeking in a quick span of time. This effective combo is used during the bulking cycle. The prolonged use of this stack can cause an imbalance in natural male hormone production such as testosterone and androgen.

A look into the clen and Anavar cycle

The cycle will last for eight to ten weeks. Clen dosage would 40mg per day for six weeks in a row and the last four weeks are off. Anavar begins with 20mcg per day in the first week but gradually to 40mcg per day during the second the week, then two weeks off Anavar. Again in the fifth week a dosage of 40mcg is to be taken per day and increase this by to 60mcg per day in the sixth week and clen dosage remaining the same throughout. Then two weeks off on Anavar clen both and begin it on the ninthwith a 60mcg per day dosage and increase it to 80mcg per day.

Dosage instructions for beginners

The Anavar clen cycle has a specified dosage for beginners to reduce the side effects as much as possible. It has to be known that the clen Anavar dosage should be taken on a empty stomach. These tablets taken early mornings will reduce the chances of sleeplessness if taken later in the day. The increase in energy and active ness is caused by the steroids hence if consumed just before a workout will be beneficial to the user. Use a prescrição medica.

Results of Anavar clen cycle

  • It helps in cutting fat.
  • The retention of lean muscle.
  • There is also hardness in the muscle.
  • More strength and energy is generated.
  • Increase in endurance and stamina.
  • There is significant weight loss.
  • Great for recovery and repair of muscles.
  • It increases metabolism.


Why this combo is used

  • It is an excellent cutting stack.
  • It has comparatively lesser side effects.
  • It can be used by both genders.
  • It is very good at suppressing the appetite.
  • It burns the fat by increasing the metabolism of the body.
  • The toxic levels are usually lower than other steroids.
  • It is very good at getting rid off stubborn abdominal fat.

Side effects of the cycle are

  • There is significant increase in blood pressure.
  • There is a increase in cholesterol levels too.
  • There is some amount of suppression of testosterone levels in the body.
  • The other minor effects are acne and male patterned baldness.
  • It causes dehydration.
  • Causes mineral deficiencies in the body.
  • May cause insomnia.
  • Heart related problems may appear after the usage of these steroids.

It can be said that if used carefully and not prop long the course of usage and taking regular break from the cycle with good hydration, balanced diet, quality sleep, good workout regime and regular health check ups will ensure you get great results and less harm done to your body.