Your very own Home Theater System with the BNM Acoustics GS-5


A home theater is a theater build in the home to mimic the same commercial performance, also

known as home cinema. In today’s world of audio and video, home cinema is very close to an

actual cinema experience on the big screen. An integrated home theater includes a DVD or Blu

ray disc player, multi-channeled amplifier, speakers, wires, connection cables, remote control

and a set of five or more speakers. Home cheaters are a personal choice and each one likes it in a

different way. However, the budget available usually makes the final call on which the of home

theater you want to be home. BNM Acoustics GS-5 is the model you need to test today and

bring home.

With not just value for money, it gives you the sound system that guarantees every movie you

the watch is worth your time. The key features of a good home theater system include the


Receiver Wattage

Receiver Channels

Speaker Wattage

High Definition

Widescreen visuals

Input and output




Graphic User Interface

BNM Acoustics GS-5 is the ultimate home sound system that will give you the experience like

no other. This 6 piece speaker HT package set from BNM Acoustics reproduces music like no

other. The precision and clarity this unit gives to its listener is the reason why this model is one

of the few best models for Theater Home Systems.

This model features the following product specifications:

  • 2200 Watts Total Power
  • Built-in 5.1 Channel Powered Decoding Receiver
  • On-Screen LC Backlit Display
  • 250Hz-25KHz Frequency Range
  • AC110 Volts Power Supply
  • HDTV Compatible
  • 5mm Direct Input for MP3 and MP4 Players

Today good sound systems not only come with a surround sound system and wireless speakers, it

also comes in a more compact design suitable to install even in very small living spaces. Gone

are the days that huge speakers take up all your space, bulky and cost thousands of dollars. With

this transition, more and more music and movie lovers are bringing in the ultimate movie

experience into their homes. The number of home theater systems sold has grown tremendously

in the last few years and expected to continue to rise. Own your very own home theater and be

the envy of neighbors and friends.