5 Things You Must Know About Costa Rica Before You Visit the Place


Costa Rica is most definitely every traveller’s dream destination. Irrespective of whether you are a nature lover or a beach lover or an individual inclined to cultivate the historical values ingrained in a place, you will be more than happy to find out what Costa Rica has in store for you simply because it has got something for everybody. You might be alone traveller wandering alone on your globetrotting quest or out with your family or friends for a nice, cosy holiday, Costa Rica as a place will surely appeal to the traveller inside you with its pristine beaches, exotic flora and fauna and a culturally rich and riveting backstory.

Tourism in Costa Rica has also evolved through the ages. With a steady influx of travellers gathering there throughout the year, Costa Rica has emerged as a warm and tourist friendly place for everyone who visits it. The lodging is never an issue, given the impressive range of plush resorts, quiet beach houses, large and small hotels as well as rentals available at the disposal of every traveller. The Costa Rica private villa is a perfect place for you to put up with family or friends if you are looking for a classy and posh stay. Otherwise, there are also many other luxurious stays you can opt for, depending on your budget and your taste.

Before you make up your itinerary for your upcoming visit to Costa Rica, here are five things you must know in order to make an informed decision about what to put in and what to leave out.

1.Costa Rica has a Long List of Must See Destinations

Though known as a technically small country, Costa Rica will take time to travel around if you are visiting the place for the first time. This is mainly due to the diverse picturesque places to visit here. It is pretty difficult to cover Costa Rica extensively on your first trip. For example, Tamarindo to San Jose is 259 kilometres or 161 miles and it takes a 4-5 hours’ drive to reach the place. For a one-week long trip, it is ideal to choose two destinations that you can explore fully while on your stay. The other option is to choose a home base and do daily day trips to the places on your itinerary.

2.November – April is the best time to visit Costa Rica

The so-called dry season in Costa Rica happens around November end to mid-April. It is also what the locals call “Summer”. During this time of the year, the tourist influx in Costa Rica is at its peak as a clear sky and plenty of sunshine thattranslates into a green signal for exploring the rainforests which are dark, murky and uncomfortable during the rainy seasons. Apart from that, the summers in Costa Rica is also a perfect time to lounge around the beaches, taking a dip in the sea as well as indulging in water sports.

3.Costa Rica – The Land of Volcanoes

Costa Rica is the home to many sleeping, latent as well as active volcanoes. These exotic structures alone make Costa Rica a must-visit place on its own. And there are many scenic and breath-taking locations, home to these volcanoes that one must visit. Here are our top picks.

a. The Arenal Volcano – Situated in the northern part of the country, The Arenal Volcano is unarguably one of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. The surroundings of Arenalis a great place for adventure touring and hiking. Though currently sleeping, the volcano has an awe-inspiring record of erupting 41 times a day.

b. Poás Volcano – Home to the most acidic lake in the world, the Laguna Caliente, Poas Volcano is also one of the most popular volcanoes in the Central Valley. This volcano is an active one with sulfuric emissions, active fumaroles, and two crater lakes.

c. Rincón de la Vieja Volcano – The Rincón de la ViejaVolcano, one of the most temperamental volcanoes in the Guanacaste region has a legend attached to it. According to stories, a woman resided on the slopes of the volcano until her death. Her presence was so enigmatic, the name of the volcano translates to her name, which is “the corner of the old lady.”

4.The Most Famous Costa Rican Exports

Owing to the rich volcanic soils that Costa Rica boasts of, as elucidated in the previous point, it has become a leading exporter of rich, gourmet coffee beans, known as the Tarazzu, which is considered to be one of the finest coffee beans of the world. Apart from that, bananas are also one of the most famous Costa Rican export in the world.

5.Costa Rica and its Exotic Flora and Fauna

Most of Costa Rica is covered in a rainforest and needless to say, it is famous for its exotic and rich biodiversity. It is a must visit place for every nature lover, owing to its exquisite flora and fauna. This consists of native birds, plants and animal which are very rare and not easily spotted out of the country. From the three-toed sloth to the famous Tapir, from the Rhinoceros beetle to the Peccary, the wildlife of Costa Rica is unique and beautiful.

All in all, Costa Rica has a country has a diverse range of scenic locations waiting to be explored, but as mentioned earlier, it might be a little too much to cover in one trip. From the beaches to the forests, from the cities to the sanctuaries, Costa Rica is a haven waiting to be unravelled, albeit slowly. When planning for the trip, make sure you first prioritise the places and the things you think you must see and then make an itinerary. All in all, it suffices to say, that Costa Rica never disappoints.