6 Advancements In Skin Care Sector That Stand Out


The biggest segment of the beauty industry is skin care at this time. 2019 is just around the corner, and the skincare market of products is expected to surpass $130 billion in 2019. Wouldn’t you like to know the leading trends in the skincare industry at this time? There, most likely, is a skin care regimen especially suited to your skin type. Let’s take a look at six of the best advancements you can add to your skin routine.

1: Face Masks

An important skincare product has been facing masks. Face masks are currently offered in many different variations for skin care including tea, caffeine, clay, charcoal, dry sheet masks, and face masks that instantly revitalize. This face mask trend is expected to continue to be offered by beauty companies for at least a year.

These dry sheet masks are both easy to use and hygienic. Sheet masks are popular with people who want their skin to be more hydrated.

A face mask is easy to apply, and it takes only a few minutes. After applying the mask, you simply wait with the mask on your face for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, you wash the mask off.

The benefits of using a face mask are as follows:

  • Deep Cleanses – A face mask not only cleans your pores, but it also clears your pores of metabolic wastes, dead skin cells, and any oily substances clogging them.
  • Hydrates Dry Skin – A face mask can hydrate your skin by providing moisture to your skin. Your skin is softened and its elasticity is enhanced by the mask. After using a face mask, it is easier for you to apply your makeup. The end result of the use of a face mask is a plump and more youthful appearance of your skin.
  • Reduces Signs of Aging – By regularly using face masks, you can reduce any fine lines, brown spots, and wrinkles you may have. Another sign of aging is loose skin which can also be eradicated through the regular use of face masks. A face mask can boost your production of collagen giving you a tighter and firmer appearance of your skin.

2: Oils

The main trend in skincare at this time is the use of oils. Due to the skin benefits of oils that are rich in antioxidants such as the South African Marula oil, these oils are currently used in massage.

Another recent trend in skincare is Biopeptix, a type of cannabis oil. This Israeli brand is leading the way on medicinal cannabis. The medicinal cannabis research led the way to this regenerate cream which has been known to create skin elasticity, to strengthen muscle tissue, and rejuvenate skin cells.

According to Chantel Guertin, a TV beauty expert, your skin can be nourished and glowing as the result of oil use. Two current favourites are Bio-Oil and Lipidol, new oil-based skincare. These two moisturize, hydrate, and protect.

3: Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a new and popular technique. This exfoliation technique can give you brighter and smoother skin by allowing skin products to penetrate your skin. This technique is done with a scalpel. You carefully and gently scrape the top layer of your skin removing the dead skin cells. The advantage of this technique is that it removes fine hairs from your skin. Debris and oils accumulate in the fine hairs of your skin giving it a dull appearance. Dermaplaning also minimizes acne scars, reduces dark spots and wrinkles, and gives you an even skin tone.

Dermaplaning is usually done by a physician monthly. This procedure takes less than thirty minutes.

4: Retinoids

According to Rita Linkner, MD, retinoids and retinol are two ingredients that have a micro-peeling effect on your skin and the ability to exfoliate it as well. Since they make your skin cells turn over fast, they can be an easy way to treat your acne, acne scars, fine wrinkles, and damage caused by the sun. Their anti-aging properties have simply made them one of the most popular skin care products of 2018.

Differin 1 per cent gel, previously prescription-only, is now sold over-the-counter. Without causing skin irritation, Differin gently exfoliates your skin. It, therefore, is a favourite product for treating acne, and it also acts to alleviate symptoms of aging. To make sure whether or not such ingredients or other skincare routines will suit your skin type, then never hesitate to consult a dermatologist who can guide you for the same. With the latest advancements, there are specific skin solution tools which can design a perfect regimen for you.

5: Gentle Cleansing

Rachel Nazarian, MD, an NYC Dermatologist, reports that the pH of your skin is unbelievably delicate. For that reason, you must not use harsh cleansers when washing your skin. Harsh cleansers may strip your skin of its natural barriers and hydration. It’s important to use a mild soap in order to avoid inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne, and rosacea. Dove, Aveeno, and Cetaphil are far better for your skin due to their mild nature. PH balanced cleaning options will preserve the healthy flora of your skin.

6: At Home Skin Care Devices

At the present time, there are many skincare devices including new tools on the market according to Nazarian. You can purchase devices which use light or laser technology for use at home. Available for purchase are lights to treat acne, hair removal lasers, and devices with ultrasound technology. All of these are handheld and can be used by you at your home.