Because of many reasons, we are denied access to certain websites, television and radio stations. Often times, we travel to other countries for many reasons only to discover that we cannot access the website and media stations online like we used to do before. When the internet protocol address of our devices is dictated, such website will verify the location. If it is recognized, access is granted to such user and vice versa. This has not only made us sad but also prevent us from gaining the information and fun we used to get from websites. Some countries have placed a restriction to other countries from accessing some aaof their home websites. We usually get a response of “access denied” when we try to log in into such website.

However, we can still view our favourite websites, watch videos online from any location we find ourselves withouthaving any worries of internet protocol address. This is made possible with many proxy. One of the many proxiesthat can do this is called CrozyProxy. CrozyProxy is a free web proxy that has helped many to gain internet access to any website or social media.

Watching of movies, commenting on social media posts, downloading of videos and many more are made possible. Fortunately enough, you get to do all these free of charge. You are not charge any dime. To get started, log in to andstart makinguse of this free unique website proxy by entering your search query or the address of the website. Click on the Go button and  start surfing the site in your privacy. You can also use this free web proxy on Gmail, Google and many social networks. The era of “access denied” is gone when you use this web proxy service. The web proxy is designed in a user-friendly interface. So you won’t encounter any difficulties using this web proxy. CrozyProxy can be used to replace the common VPN. No download or configuration is needed using this web proxy.

Internet protocol address is completely hidden. To make it available for all, it is designed to be used by all operating system. Example of such operating system are Chrome operating system and Android operating system.

 The best proxy browser

Many proxies were tested before CrozyProxy was designed. Some of the proxies are hiload, proxfree, hide me proxy and others. It was discovered thatall of these proxies have one limitation or the other. They were not comfortable to use. Others do not support video and audio streaming natively. CrozyProxy was developed to meet all the fallings of the aforementioned proxies. This makes CrozyProxy the best free web proxy.