Alternatives For Creating A Stress-free Workplace


One of the biggest parts of a person’s life is their work. Whether it is a career or just a way to make an income, employment plays a major role in the lives of most people. That is why it is very important for employers to look to find ways to make work a less stressful environment and build better interpersonal work relationships.

Work is A Major Time Consumer for Most People

The average worker of a forty-hour work week is actually participating in work activities for 45-50 hours a week when you factor in their commute. That means that 9 to 10 hours a day out of the average person’s waking 15-16 weekday hours is consumed by work. That equals almost two-thirds of their weekday non-sleep time. Because of this, the need to create a healthy work environment can be essential to a person’s overall mental, emotional and physical health.

Studies have long since shown that work environments that are less stressful are usually more productive. Part of the best ways to build a good working environment is to bring workers together as a work family or community. Building a positive work environment will build better relationships and better trust amongst co-workers as well as between management and regular employees.

Since workers spend so many of their living hours in a workplace mindset, having a healthy community at work is very beneficial. Building a team environment amongst employees and management is one of the first steps to creating a positive workplace for workers at all levels of employment. When everyone works together as part of a team, they feel more connected towards goals and towards each other. This also helps them to be more invested in a better long-term outcome for the company they work for.

Building Better Workplaces

There are several great ways to build a strong work community and family work environment within any sized company. But in all cases, it requires a commitment by owners, upper management and all levels of employees to work at the common goal of creating this type of healthy atmosphere. One of the best ways of introducing positive settings is through enriching the collaborative efforts of employees. When people feel as if their opinions and work matters, they will feel more involved in the betterment of the company.

Some of the best companies are ones that inspire their employees and reward their efforts to improve the company or business they work for. Employees that feel they are more than just a person completing a task for their company’s benefit, will feel better about their time at work. Companies that look at an employee as a person who has a life outside their work, will usually get a much better ongoing response from their employees. A healthy work-life balance is critical for a proper productive work atmosphere.

Additionally, when creating a healthy workplace, employers and employees should look at the relationship as a mutual one that is meant to benefit both. It is important to understand that when employees share their talents with a company, it should be for the mutual benefit of the company and the employee. However, it is crucial for employees to understand that without the company succeeding they cannot have financial security from their work.

Building a Company Family or Company Team Environment

One of the best ways to create a family or company team atmosphere is through company recreational time together. This includes company picnics, company sports and athletics, company parties, festivals, holiday outings and parties, as well as company recreational trips. Each of these creates great opportunities for coworkers and management to enjoy time together in a fun family building way. This helps begin the building of friendships and better interwork relationships.

It can be especially helpful to have four or five annual enjoyable company events to start a positive community. For those involved in the planning, it can be exciting and rewarding to plan events. These certainly help create a team project mindset. Each event will create a stronger foundation for a greater sense of bonding. They promote participants and planners to feel as if they have a chance to be a part of something more with their co-workers and management than just a work. This is one of the first steps in building a better workplace.

Planning Workplace Events

Some of the primary workplace festivities that many companies promote having annually include:

  • Annual Spring Social
  • Annual Summer Picnic
  • Annual Game Day Event
  • Annual Holiday Celebration

Having these events in this order allows for a workplace bonding event to occur every quarter. This can be considered like having a get together four times a year with extended family or friends. Having an annual Spring Social, Summer Picnic and Holiday Celebration are traditions amongst many companies who have been enjoying them for generations. However, one of the newer trends in the last few decades has been the implementation of a company Game Day Event.

Company Game Day Events usually include sporting events with competing team sports as well as game show contests. These games often demand competitive tools such as game show buzzers, fun props and more. Consider hiring or buying them from trusted providers for more exciting and well-managed sessions. This can be a great event for giving away special company promotions, gift certificates, dinners, mini vacations, and cash prizes.

If planned right, all of these events can become part of the glue that holds together the camaraderie within a company. They invite healthy sportsmanship, company enjoyment, positive workplace feelings and a greater sense of fun and work balance. Whilst there can be a host of different events planned within a company that is different than these four, these have proven to be quite successful and enjoyable for many.