Best way to correct the disharmony between organs using acupuncture method

Best way to correct the disharmony between organs using acupuncture method

Acupuncture treatment is a traditional Chinese based medicine system which is followed to cure patient’s illness to lead a better life. This traditional method uses eight constitutional medicines for different types of human individuality. The individuality of each human in the world can be categorized into eight different constitutions, not means of differentiating family lineage, race, appearance and intellect. This method was founded by Dr Dowon Kuon and introduced at the International Congress of acupuncture and moxibustion, Japan which completely cured many patients with incurable and intractable diseases. This method utilizes the concept of understanding the pathology and physiology of each internal organs and enhancing them to increase immune function through many therapeutic treatments. The research and clinical studies on the eight constitutional medicine had proved its ability to fight terminal and incurable diseases all around the world.

A speciality of this type of treatment:

When compared to the traditional method of treatment, eight constitution medicines differ in many ways. All diseases are treated according to the patient’s constitution since the sickness’s cause and development may differ depending on the patient’s individuality. Because the patient sickness and symptoms may differ from person to person depending on their occupation, living environment, sports, food habits, hobbies and other activities. The constitution of each patient is identified by taking a pulse on the eight different pulse formation which is associated with a particular constitution. The strength and weakness of the patient’s organ are studied well and treatments are provided according to the results.

Best way to correct the disharmony between organs using acupuncture method

Eight categories that patients can be classified for treatment:

In acupuncture treatment, patient’s ailments are well understood and the pain, irritation and fatigue are eliminated to lead an enjoyable life. These eight patterns are categorised based on the relationship between the organs. Before starting the treatment, a unique constitution of each organ should be well-studied. Hepatonia constitution is characterized by the strong liver and the weak lungs and it is also recognized to have a strong kidney. Hepatonia is basically quiet and reserved because they tend to be more real and determine the situations. Cholecystonia characterized by its superior gallbladder and inferior large intestine. They are simple, adaptable and quick in making decisions. Pulmotonia is recognised for its strong lung and weak liver which are naturally creative, consistent and professional. Colonotonia constitution has superior large intestine and inferior gall bladder that tends to be more cheerful, emotional, sensitive and adventurous. Gastrotonia is related to strong stomach and weak bladder and pancreotonia are characterized by the superior pancreas and inferior kidneys. Alternatively, renotonia is related to the superior kidney and inferior pancreas. Finally, vesicotonia is related to the strong bladder and weak stomach.

Thus 8 constitution medicine plays a vital role in the acupuncture treatment and helps patients to a healthy life.