Claim your roofing insurance the easy way

Claim your roofing insurance the easy way

It is not uncommon for houses to get damaged due to storms or hails. As a house owner, you might be worried about the condition of your roof that is the most prone to damage. It might not be that worrisome if you have a roofing insurance though. However, it is important to know the process of insurance filing. What follows, are the simplified steps to claiming your roofing insurance.

Step 1- Find out the damage

The first step is to find out if the damage is large enough to claim an insurance compensation. For this, it may be a good idea to contact the professionals if you suspect damage. You can take a look yourself, however, in order to know if it is insurance-claimable, expert advice may be necessary. Getting assistance from roofing professionals can actually make the entire filing easier.


Step- 2- Filing

While it may seem like a huge task, filing an insurance-claim is rather simple. First, you need to contact our insurance company and get an appointment with a representative who will come and assess the damage. After a few days, a check is sent with a summary of your total damages and half the total cost of repair. Here too, using professional help may be a good idea to deal with the paperwork. You can also double-check the damage reported.

Step 3- Remove the deductible

Insurance policies contain a certain amount of deductibles. You must pay the agreed amount of deductible to the insurance company according to law. Make sure you have the necessary information regarding your deductibles while making an insurance claim.

Step 4- Repair

A certain amount of time is then allotted to you by the insurance company to repair your damaged roof. You can then hire your professional roofers to complete the repair. It may be a good idea to hand over the first check to the professionals and get them to send a detailed report of the repair after the work is completed. When the insurance company gets the report along with the invoice of costs incurred, it will issue a second check covering the remaining money.

Step 5- Completion

When you or your roofer receives the final check, the insurance-claim is complete. It is necessary to check all the details with the insurance company and the roofer and verify that the job done is good. So don’t slack off just because you have a professional at your side.

The insurance-claim process is neither exhausting nor complicated. All you need to do is hire a good roof repair company who will take care of most of the paper and repair work for you.