Employee Masterfile Maintenance

Employee Masterfile Maintenance

All the edits and updates of the Masterfile are managed electronically so that the validity can be ensured.

The maintenance forms of the employee Masterfile are the part of the payroll services. All the termination and the establishment requests and updates of the employee are conducted electronically. The accuracy and the timelines are also ensured in this payroll process.

Below are the main services which can get by using Employee Masterfile services at www.affinitypayrollservices.com.au

  • Updation of the employee details
  • Establishment of new employee
  • Bank Account changing
  • Emergency contact details
  • Updates of Award
  • Termination of employee
  • Electronic filing of certificate and the document
  • Rate updates
  • Manual data entry
  • Leave Balances
  • Validated bank codes


The output of Payroll Service

All the outputs and the deliverables of the payroll service are highly automated and are forming the part of the service agreement.

Tasks of Payroll Service

The output of the Payroll process managed completely by the team of certified people of the payroll process.

Main Features of Payroll Process Outputs

  • Produces bank EFT’s
  • Produces tax files
  • File management for Superannuation
  • Liaise with third-party and disbursements
  • Data Filing and Archiving
  • Reconciliation of payroll
  • Post payroll support for pay-run
  • Printing and distributing payslips
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Pay other disbursements
  • Producing third party EFT
  • The output of the electronic file transfer to the general ledger
  • Distribution of Standard reports

Employee Support

Employees are having the direct access to the Affinity payroll manager. This will allow the employee to complete the performance reviews, apply for the leave, updating the personal details and submit all the electronic forms, which are custom, created.

Main Features of Employee Support

There are various tools for self-service to conduct the day-to-day activities like timesheet filing to the performance review.

The employee is also having direct access to the help desk for discussion of any query they have.

Online Employee Services would include:

  • Viewing of the payslips
  • Updation of details of employee
  • Timesheet logging
  • Changing the bank accounts
  • Scheduling and applying for the leaves in the system
  • Project and Job logging
  • Reviewing and predicting the leave balances
  • Applying for training
  • Receiving of notifications
  • Viewing different organization charts
  • Review different documents
  • Accept policy

Clever Timesheets for the capability of Multi-Position

Clever timesheets are developed for managing the complex employee requirements of payroll. Besides employee, the agency, contractors are also recording the time. The time is measured in units from start to finish. Time is costed against the variety of cost elements like jobs, projects, tasks. And clients. A cost center is approving these time by the manager. There is also the availability of optionally integrated award interpretation for time and attendance.

Cloud Hosting

Affinity is providing the cloud hosting for its core payroll processes. This is known as Affinity cloud hosting.