Graphene for sale–graphene products available on the market


The market with graphene for sale– despite its high price – is growing. Graphene is offered by several dozen companies and provides wide spectrum of application.

Graphene is the relatively recently discovered form of carbon. Other well-known forms of carbon are diamond and graphite.

Graphene– made of carbon, called new silicon

The discovery of graphene, a superlative material, is often compared to that of plastic or silicon’s discovery. Manchester is the leading city in graphene research. And it was in England where the industrial revolution was born at the beginning of the 19th century. According the scientist, it is a time for new revolution, called “Graphene revolution”.

Graphene is the material with many records:

  • Extremely high mechanical strength
  • Electrical and thermal conductivity, graphene can transport electrons faster than any other known material.
  • Graphene is able to form very thin sheets. It is only one atom thick and it is still visible!
  • Selective permeability of graphene layer is used for the process of ultrafiltration.
  • Despite of its hardness, graphene is of very light weight.

All these properties make graphene an ideal material for many industrial applications. How graphene might change our future and what are other areas of its application, you can read in here.

Graphene– application in each sector of business

Graphene is considered to be the scientific find of the century. It founds its use in electronics as well as in smart textile fabrication methods. Newapplications of graphene, a wonder material, are being tested with interesting results. Due to the ability of carbon to form long chains or hexagons and pentagons, graphene could be considered as the most versatile material ever discovered.

Graphene for sale – graphene powder and graphene paper

There are dozens of companies (worldwide distributed) producing graphene-based materials for commercial applications. The production takes place only in small quantities and prices are still high. The multilayered form of graphene is already being sold as you can read in this article.

The producers of graphene persuades the industry, that graphene is a good investment for special technical purposes. The first product containing graphene was the packaging technology for security siren (anti-theft packaging device). The technology itself is based on graphene-inks.

Graphene powder

Graphene powder is the most common product of graphene vendors. Companies usually offer different types of graphene powder designed for broad spectrum of applications. Graphene powder could be incorporated into:

  • Conductive composites
  • Electrodes
  • Solar panels
  • Conductive inks

Graphene paper

The graphene oxide paper is composite from stacked graphene. The product is widely used in laboratories and research centers. It is obtained by slow evaporation or filtration of a graphene oxide solution. The graphene papers have exceptional stiffness and strength.

The future of graphene in 3D printing

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file and could change the world dramatically.

Materials suitable for 3D printing

Materials for 3D printing are often produced in filament stock, powder or liquid. Different materials could be used for printing techniques, although polymers are most commonly used. Materials for 3D printing should be recyclable and ecologically friendly.

Printing with graphene sounds promising

Conductive graphene filament was specifically designed to allow 3D printing of the electrically conductive components. Any commercially available 3D printer could be used for this purpose.