San Lorenzo Yachts –52 Reasons to Sin

San Lorenzo Yachts –52 Reasons to Sin

There is no doubt San Lorenzo Yachts are special and 52 Steel is yet another proud representative of this amazing fleet. What is the secret of this famous Italian shipbuilder? To unfold the mystery you have to travel to Viareggio, small Italian town that looks like typical holiday resort, but don’t be deceived by its discrete look. In fact it is a town which accumulates the most famous shipyards and Sanlorenzo is one of them. These companies build the most luxurious yachts in the world. You can learn more about this interesting place here.

San Lorenzo Yachts – 52 Steel as Family Cruiser and Charter Vessel

It is always great when you can combine pleasure and fun with business to get the best out of both. Who wouldn’t like to do that? What is one’s dream is another one’s reality. The Belgium owner of 52 Steel named Seven Sins had this vision and he made it happen. In order to lower the running costs he involved 4 partners while holding a majority share. Sounds too complicated to you, but it doesn’t need to be. In fact you do not need an army of lawyers to conclude the deal with your partners. As this particular example it can be based on a handshake. The majority shareholder oversees the book keeping himself and as he says:“The trick is then to be able to look your partners in the eyes and still be friends 10 years down the line.”

Why is Seven Sins a Great Charter Yacht?

Chartering was the owner’s priority from the beginning. He in fact requested not less than astonishing 72 changes before signing the contract. It was a hard nut to crack, but not for Sanlorenzo. The Seven Sins continues the line of the Sanlorenzo’s superyachts and was designed in cooperation with Mauro Micheli and Sergio Berreta of OfficinaItaliana Design.  . If you want to know which are the most expensive superyachts in the world read here.

San Lorenzo Yachts

The Most Outstanding Features

Exterior helm station – Very unusual for this yacht size, happens to be one of the changes the owner requested as he likes to drive the yacht himself.

Drive-in tender garage –It was engineered by Sanlorenzo. It can transform into a beach club with full beam gym, sauna and steam room. A teak-soled platform lowers from the ceiling to cover the bay. The tender is floated out when the louvered transom doors is raised.

Glass bottom swimming pool – It is situated on the main deck, very clever idea how to let more natural light in.

An under-lower deck – Another interesting feature not usual for the size of this yacht, which provides direct access for the crew to work discretely without disturbing the guests.

Why You Should Charter a Yacht?

It is a vacation planned for you – It is well known that owning a yacht is very personal thing. You can expect the same individual approach, when chartering one.

Everything is tailored to meet all your expectations – The professional crew will arrange everything starting from the menu to the voyage itinerary so that you can just relax and enjoy.

You choose the ideal yacht –You can choose from all types of yachts. Sporty and sleek SL 104 or elegant 460exp or astonishing 52 Steel the decision is yours.

There is an option for every budget.

Tons of activities to do – Most of the yachts offers variety of water sports on board. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing anything your adventures heart asks for.

Priceless freedom of choice where and when to go – You choose the destination and time of your travel. Caribbean, Greece, Croatia or Alaska cruise, it is all up to you.

Last but not least it is simply fun, life changing experience. So go have fun and make memories which last for a life time!