Teaching important tips to a dog

dog learn

Dog training is an art. It is highly satisfying where you teach new things to your pet and equally enjoy too. It requires a lot of patience and time from a trainer. The speed at which your dog shall learn the trick depends completely on the intelligence of the pet. For the dogs, learning the simple tricks such as standing and sitting is easy particularly when you give command to them. However, many pet owners find it difficult to teach them roll over.

Make your pet lie on to one side and give him the instructions to lie dead. Hold the back legs and lower front of your dog and roll him over slowly. When you perform this action, say these words very loudly so that he understands this action. If your pet wants to do it itself, you should let him do that because this way, he would learn it in a faster way. For fast learning, you should always give him a treat at the end. If your pet has become habituated to getting rewards before he completes the task, then you must try out a different approach. You can learn more about the tricks of roll over from Ultimate Dog site.

dog learn

Proofing the behavior

If you pet is making several mistakes like turning the head or jumping up in the opposite direction, then you may be moving ahead very quickly. Start slowly. Some dogs may not prefer lying on the backs and show their bellies. Make sure that your pet thinks the training to be just for fun. Keep your voice positive and light. Relax and always take a deep breath. This may take a lot of time; however, you should not feel stressed out. More importantly, the training sessions should be short. If the training sessions become too long, then they become frustrating to you as well as to your pet. Always end a training session on a very positive note.

Stop giving him the treat

The final step to teach a dog roll over is stop giving them the treats. Once your pet has started roll over after hearing your command, then give him the command and then wait for a few more seconds. Some of the dogs catch the command quickly and start roll over instantly. When the dog starts to respond to the roll over command, reduce the treat that you give to him. Know more about the tricks from Ultimate Dog.