Top attractions near condos in gulf shores


Gulf shores condos for sale in the gulf shores Parkway area is a prime and luxurious residential area developed by club one in a Freehold area. This is a beautiful and profitable place to invest and live in the Gulf shores. The prime locations in and near this place make it attractive for investors as well as home buyers. The beautiful shores and the best in top 45 golf courses awaits you at these gulf shores condos for sale.  Let us check out the main attractions near to apartments in gulf shores that makes it so much profitable.

Prime locations and attractions near these condos in gulf shores:

  1. The mall: This is a unique mall of its kind, which is located at the gulf shores. The mall is actually a stretch of food and beverages outlets and it is designed according to the beautiful and historic railway lines. At this mall, you can give a treat to your tongue by choosing from a variety of food items and can relax here with your friends and family.

The brands to look out for in this mall includes the coffee bean, Subway and many more. This train symbolizes the train, which travelled from Alabama through woodlands. This makes it special for apartments in gulf shores.

  1. One Club shopping center: This is another upscale shopping center, which is located at little distance from the condos, just a few minutes walking distances from the apartments in gulf shores. The cafes and bars in this shopping center is a place to relax at weekends. Most prominent stores in this shopping center include the Starker Bistro and others. There are shuttle bus services provided from condos to there.
  2. Gulf coast: This is another prominent location near condos in gulf shores. These are natural shores in the vicinity of the condos that add to the ambience of the residential properties. It allows the inhabitants to have a quiet and cool walk in the evening by the shores. It also offers numerous picturesque sights that are quite worthy.

4.Golf courses: for all the golf lovers, this is a golden opportunity. This property offers best 45 holes in golf and you can walk out of your front door and enter a golf course. It is inspired as well as designed by Arnold Palmer. Here you will also find pristine white sand beaches of the emerald coast near to the golf courses. There is a lush bermuda grass which is meticulously manicured to provide an unmatched experience.

Because of these amazing attractions, the condos in gulf shores Parkview area is a beautiful, lavish and luxurious residential complex to stay and invest in.