Understanding a stun gun

Understanding a stun gun

In the efforts to understand a stun gun there is need to probe the question, what is a Stun Gun? A stun gun is a tool of self-defense used to prevent attackers from proceeding with their attacks. The person giving the stun remains safe. The stun gun is designed in a manner that the effects and voltage of the gun cannot be transmitted from the attacker to the holder of the gun.

Why purchase a stun gun

  • Portability

The best models of a stun gun are preferably portable. They are therefore able to be carried in the pocket or jacket.

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  • Efficient

Stun guns can keep the perpetrator in a physical struggle for at least 2 to 3 seconds. These seconds causes spasms of the body muscle, loss of balance, dazed state of mind, poor muscle control and disorientation. It should be noted that these seconds are a very long time when one is a physical struggle. The efficiency in performance of the stun gun is based on how fast it helps the person being attacked to disable the attacker.

How stun guns Work

The guns are designed in a manner that they attack the crucial nervous system. The energy is transmitted through a series of through impulse frequencies to the muscles of the body. The high voltage passing through the gun renders the attacker motionless. The immobile state is achieved because the blood sugar is rapidly converted to lactic acid.  The energy of the gun is transferred to the person at a very high rate. It causes muscles of the person to work at a fast yet an efficient pace. The best stun gun should be able to render the attacker motionless for at least two seconds permanently.

Although the overall disabled time of the subject can last for as long as thirty to forty minutes. The vital organs of the attacker are however not permanently harmed. Even standing over water does not cause electrical appliances. The intruder is then repelled and disconcerted. This gives the purported victim the chance to escape from the attacker and seek help.

Inability to differentiate between stun gun and Taser

Tasers and stun guns are used interchangeably. However, they are two different defensive mechanism appliances. A stun gun can only be used over close distance with the attacker. The taser another hand can be used over long distances. This property makes the taser preferable among law enforcers. However, both of them deliver a perfect voltage enough to incapacitate someone within a very short span.

One’s choice of the best stun gun to use depends on their preference and factors such as color, design, and size. These are essential self-defense appliances that the society should be aware of efforts aimed at solving the crime.