Ever since computers entered our world, our homes, our lives have changed exponentially. Everything has gone “online”! Be it commerce, entertainment, education…everything today revolves around the online world. It’s really no wonder then that our sources of entertainment, namely movies and television, have shifted online, too.

Some time back, it was the cable TV that was the center of attraction for a family. Of course, there used to be the usual tiffs following choices of programs for every person. Now, however, with cable TV getting sidelined by the Internet, our fun times have undergone a sea change.

And, there aren’t any tiffs, either. Each one of us has a personal computer, or a laptop, that doubles up as a television or a music player and so each one of us can watch movies we wish to, or enjoy the kind of music we wish to, without it being a disturbance to others.

We have various portals that stream movies and television series from around the world, like the putlocker, putlocker123, apart from so many others. All we need to do is make a choice of the movie we wish to watch and click a button, and, Tada! We are instantly whisked off to a theatre! That’s the feeling one gets while watching movies online.

For the movies being streamed through a website, there are no advertisements that keep disturbing our viewing every now and then. The movies play from start to finish without a single break. And, this feels like such bliss! Taking a break while watching a movie is now a choice we make, not an interruption we have to put up with.

Secondly, the sound and the picture quality is as good as that at the movie theatre. Crisp sound effects and movies without any cuts make the entire experience worthwhile, indeed.

And, we have a wide choice of movies and television series at our disposal. Movies from so many countries and varied genres are streamed through such sites that we are totally spoilt for choice. It becomes sort of an addiction, watching entertainment programs online.


Online websites like the putlocker, putlocker123 invite millions of viewers on a daily basis and that, too, for free! All you do is reach the website and enter the name of the movie you wish to watch in the Search Button on the Home Page and you get the poster of the movie in a matter of seconds. Now, you just go, get your bowl of popcorn and sit down to watch the movie of your choice, without any break.

Movie watching at home, on your computer, feels much more appealing than watching it at a theatre. There’s no need to stand in queues to buy a ticket, or sit in a theatre with noisy people around. One doesn’t even need to step out of one’s home; the theatre reaches your computer!