Wonolo, the Business Solution Portal


Wonolo is a site designed for employees and employers to meet and progress together, hand in hand, towards the better development of the company or startup. This site helps employers of companies to post job openings with all their requirements included and allows job seekers to upload their details and refer job opportunities. This site serves as a portal where these two parties can meet and create productive work and progress.

The site also has a blog section where you can find an assortment of articles and tips on various categories all aiming for mutual progress on the business front. Starting from self-help blog posts to surveys and manuals on how to make things work, this site is a complete amalgamation of anything a working businessman would need, irrelevant if he is a fresher or a working man. These blogs are sometimes based on surveys and popular thinking, helping users understand trends and patterns that go about in the business field and learn things from it. It can also entertain your interests by reading about a field that isn’t yours and getting inspired from stories and articles written engagingly by this site’s bloggers.

An online help to guide you on how to reduce business expenses, this site has a lot to offer if you sign up. For any businessman with big dreams and fewer ideas on how to succeed, taking advice from external sources and experienced people will provide him with a huge jump on the ladder to success. This site offers the help of many authorized experienced people who can help you work out the kinks you may face while starting up and help you gain boosts in the business with the help of their invaluable tips. This is a sample blog that consists of opinions of a panel of 34 experts providing tips and valuable advice to succeed in your startup.

This site has a resource and case study section where methods of employment are discussed in detail with reference to cases and situations. They narrate stories of how certain companies and business brands went into a crisis and described the strategy they employed to save themselves from the ruins. It’s a collection of success mantras combined with business strategies that may greatly help you in the future when you face a similar situation.

This site is a perfect combination of everything anyone related to the field of business may require, and it’s a great initiative that is well maintained and planned. This site solves a lot of trouble to find the right employee with the perfect profile that fits into the company and helps employers to find the right job where they can maximize the utilization of their skill sets.