Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using the treadmill

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There are people who are so used to running down the street that they do not even consider running on a treadmill, but many others take advantage of it being available at the gym. Is it better to run on the tape than on the street? There is no adequate answer to that question, beyond the possible advantages and disadvantages of one or the other option. Without a hesitation, it is most excellent to do sports education rather than stay on the couch. The reality is that there are people who prefer to run outdoors, de-stress and feel nature, and many others who come to a gym prefer to do their cardiovascular exercise there, taking advantage of the possibility of running on the treadmill, or even use the exercise bike or the elliptical machine.

The advantages of running on the street on the treadmill

The benefits of loopband kopen running on the street are more than known: it is a feeling of liberation, of connection with nature and of seeing the world moving around us while we practice physical exercise. We are more aware of running than of time, we listen to music while we do it and we feel truly free, without stress and without having to use a machine, which in the end limits us in relation to the physical work done by our legs and our muscles in general.

Running on the street is harder, and therefore we will burn more calories. If we are preparing for a race, for example, the tape is a bad option, since it would not simulate the adverse conditions that we would face in reality. It can also be monotonous and boring, and as a result, we will abandon the exercise first..

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The advantages of running on the treadmill

For those gym users, the treadmill allows them to do their cardiovascular exercise immediately after finishing their weight training session. Remember that it is always better to do cardio after the lifts, whether our goal is to burn fat or gain muscle. Likewise, running on the treadmill will mean less strain on our knees and ankles, so if we are coming out of an injury or have some discomfort, it is the most recommended for our joints.

If we decide to use a treadmill, the good thing is that we will not have to worry about the inclement weather: it’s too hot in summer, it’s winter and we do not want to get cold. In addition, we can control the slope and vary the rhythm, so it can be a great option in case we want to do training for high-intensity intervals or HIIT. Another advantage is that, in case of not having an app that tells us, we can know the exact time, the distance traveled and even make an approximation of the calories that we have managed to burn. Oh, and if you have a treadmill at home, you can take the opportunity to watch TV or watch a movie while you exercise.