Find the direction of life with numerology

Direction of life with numerology

Numerology is another version of astrology that helps in seeing through life and influence people. It has the hidden power of numbers. This is the ancient method of supernatural power that plays a significant role in everyone life. Every action of our life is influenced by numbers and in Vedic astrology, it is considered to be important for life progression with spiritual activity. To clear the example, 0 is the inner part of human being with people where the inner soul resides. Human being perceives the outer universe that a body and soul are considered to be in outer world concept within the distinctive part. According to spiritual concept, there is various delusions that is considered to be with human concepts pervading. The numbers are the main information collector with numerology and it helps in predicting a person life path. There are lots of leader representations and also they are independent.

According to astrology each number denotes a planet and it is associated with that particular number. The representations are










Like numbers linked to planets, it is linked to alphabets as well. The representations are









Direction of life with numerology

This is a sample of numerology basics and 0 is not denoted with any planet because of its underlying principle that is the vibratory resonance of numbers. Each individual number is created with the number and state of art along interesting concepts with individuals as a psychic numbers. The psychic number reveals about the basic characteristic and describes about the life strategies to get along the individual perceives within the life. For more details about numerology prediction, have a look at

In general, the number has each individual characteristic. They are

1 – People are energetic and radiant throughout their work goal with self centered activities. They have a confident goal and could attain the confident as well.

2 – People are shy, moody, emotional and poetic.

3 – People are skilled, artistic, uplifting and dynamic.

4 – People are unpredictable at sometimes and would be generous in adventurous. They are sometimes selfish as well.

5 – People are youthful and convincing. They keep themselves busy and be occasionally childish.

6 – People will be homemaker and they are caring with nurturing and charismatic characteristic.

7 – People are spiritual and mostly prefer to work alone.

8 – People are serious with business mind and they have independent characteristics that always stay motivated.

9 – People are mostly warm and impressive in their personalities. They are mostly aggressive and assertive in nature.

This is how the numerology is predicted in character wise aspect. This is actually a slight description about how numerology is predicted. Life path and destination prediction can be done only through the help of professionals in spiritual field.