Five important aspects you have to remember when buying an electric scooter


Purchasing your own electric scooter nowadays have become a growing importance for many, especially for those who have to cut short their travel time on a regular basis regardless if you have to ride going to your office or just going out to buy groceries, or just want to visit some place near you.

Covering distances using an electric scooter nowadays can be very fun and nature-friendly as well compared to driving your car which costs you time, traffic, and gas.

However, before you get too excited, you should keep in mind some important considerations just to ensure that you will buy nothing but the best one out there knowing that there are a lot of brands and makers that give you the same promise of quality and performance of their electric scooters. You can ensure that your buying experience will not be ruined by following this short list of tips when you choose an electric scooter for sale.

  • Focus on the handle bar’s comfort- One of the most important aspect when buying an electric scooter because you cannot compromise your driving comfort while the range gets farther and farther. If you spend around eight hours or riding your scooter the entire week, having a handle bar that is too high or too low, this can stress your arms and back, that is why you should choose an electric scooter that has an adjustable handle bar height. Make sure your body is in a natural position.


  • Range- Having a very short range can only make you feel uncertain about reaching your preferred destination on your scooter. The majority of electric scooters have a 10-kilometer or seven miles range, while the more expensive electric scooters can reach up to 30 kilometers and 40 kilometers. To find this out, you have to check the battery capacity that determines the range. Obviously, the bigger battery capacity, the longer the range capacity of your electric scooter.
  • Speed and acceleration- If the roads that you are living at are relatively flat and have lesser uphill, then you can surely achieve optimum speed and acceleration of your electric scooter, however, you should be prepared to handle your scooter very well in dealing with sloppy roads that can become a factor of its speed and acceleration. You should choose an electric scooter with bigger motor and wheel size if your roadways are too sloppy and rugged to make sure your speed and comfort will not be compromised.
  • Tire size- The tire size of your electric scooter that you can usually buy in the market is up to eight or nine inches and your electric scooter can even go as small as six inches, however, you should depend the tire size on the kind of roadways your place has.
  • Charging time- Usually, electric scooters can take five to seven hours of charging time. Just remember that the bigger battery capacity, the longer it will take to charge it fully while the smaller battery capacity, the quicker to make it charged fully.