How to choose Furniture for a small living room

How to choose Furniture for a small living room

Have you recently moved to Sydney and have absolutely no idea about what all to fit in your new home? Don’t worry! We are here for your rescue, here’s a list of furniture you can buy from nearby furniture store Sydney for your small, cozy and multipurpose living room. Why Multipurpose? Of course, your Living room is the heart of your home because that’s where you spend the most of your time watching TV, partying with friends, sometimes reading and other times just sipping a cup of coffee.  From seating to storage, tables or desk, we have listed down the best layout for you to be your designer.

Multi-Purpose Furniture For Small Living Room

If people can do multi-tasking, then, why not furniture? So, the key to making your small living room fully functional to all your needs is to select furniture which serves many purposes. So, rather than keeping two tables for different purposes you can put the only one which functions for both.

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Walk into nearby furniture store Sydney and start with storage footstool instead of a coffee table, this acts like both coffee table and also has footrest option in it, moreover, it also has a lift-up lid which has an option of storage inside. Opt for a console table rather than a desk as it has more space for your laptop and can also be used to keep table lamps or display. You can also put it behind the sofa and against the wall, this helps you free up the side spaces in the room.

Check for upholstered cubes which can work as a table as well as extra seating.

You can also think of incorporating a small storage wall in your living room. Thinking of stuff like bookcase, cupboards, TV and other things can occupy a lot of space in your living room. Rather, you can go for a storage wall which can keep off that stuff in one side of the wall and doesn’t make the room look cramped.

Shapes To Consider For Small Living Room

Consider the shape as well material of any furniture you buy as you know it can help you make space look larger. For furnitures like sofa, table, bookcase, and footstool if you can see the floor beneath, it can make your space look larger.

In your nearby furniture store Sydney look for some slim and squared-off arms in sofas, cabinets or armchairs.

Materials to try for small living room

If you want to go for wooden furniture then avoid dark colors as it makes your living room look more heavy and bulky. Colors like white, grey or cream will give a more spacious look.

Top Furniture Choices For Small Living Rooms

An l-shaped corner sofa can make your space look larger than Sofa-chair set.

One of the best furniture options for small spaces is freestanding versions along with storage underneath so that you can use it for something other than dead space.

Hope this was helpful for you to plan your furniture list wisely for your small and cozy living room.