How to Maximize Robot Vacuum: A Cleaning Guide


Robot vacuum cleaners are slowly replacing conventional vacuum cleaners because it is considered intelligent technology. This means that it can move independently. With this, it can change the way you do house cleaning. In the end, you will save labor and time not to mention it offers thorough cleaning.

There are different types of robot vacuums. If you are confused by iRobot Roomba 960 vs 980, it is time that you do your research. When you research, you will find the specifications as well as the reviews. These things can help you make an informed decision.

After the purchase, you should learn how to use this technology to your advantage. Here’s how to maximize your robot vacuum and take your cleaning game to a new level:

  • Do a brief cleanup: before you let the robot vacuum work, you have to do something from your end – do a brief cleanup. This means that you should clear the floor of obstacles. This is to ensure that your robot vacuum roams freely.
  • Read the manual: this is a no-brainer but many ignore this. It is important to read the manual so you know what to do with it exactly. Minor troubleshooting instructions usually accompany manuals. This can help you when it stops working.
  • Watch it: as soon as you turn your robot vacuum on for the first time, you need to watch it a few times. This can help you identify areas where it gets stuck and what things you need to avoid. Keep in mind that carpet strings or blind strings can easily get caught so you have to be watchful.
  • Keep it clean: you need to pamper your worker bee often to ensure that it is in its tip-top shape. Cleaning robot vacuum often can help maintain the dust sensors so it will work properly. At the end of the day, this will translate to more years of serving.
  • Empty dustbin: as mentioned earlier, you should do your part to ensure that the vacuum performs at its best. Since it has a dustbin that traps dirt and dust, it is crucial to empty it. If you empty it often, you can rest easy knowing that it can pick up more. As you know, dust and dirt are always around so it is good to keep the bin empty often.
  • Make use of the timer: if you have a timer, you should make the most of it. By setting it to run by timers or apps, you take full advantage of the robot vacuum. This is useful if you particularly dislike vacuuming.
  • Mind the replacement parts: no robot vacuums last forever. This means that at some point in time, you have to replace some parts like the side brush and the batteries. Do not forget about the HEPA filter as well.
  • Avoid water: never run the robot vacuum on wet carpet. This also goes for puddles.
  • Designate the charging station: as much as possible, you should ensure that the charging station is a flat surface. Refrain from leaving the charger or the virtual walls where it is sunny because it can confuse the sensor. If the vacuum does not find its designated charging station, you should not worry.