Important Things To Consider Before Filing A Legal Complaint Against NHS


The National Health Service department provides general medical and healthcare to people residing in the UK. The best thing about their service is it’s free. However, certain issues can’t be avoided. With the number of people wanting to get treated and the other responsibilities being a medical practitioner with the NHS entails, there will surely be issues that might sometimes lead to negligence. And there were people who unfortunately suffered because of it.

Suing nhs is a possibility and is one of the best options if you suffered from negligence. But before you make a move, it’s necessary to know the essential factors about the severity and importance of this situation.

There are specific things to consider. NHS has the most advanced and comprehensive system for handling complaints and issues. Because of this, their staff can effectively determine said issues and provide suggestions for the best resolution of the current problem. They have an entire department dedicated to this.

What it actually entails

If you only want to sue the sector because you feel dissatisfied with the current procedures and you wish to bring light to certain procedural issues, then filing an official complaint is a better choice.

On the other hand, if you suffered pain, loss or an injury because of what a medical practitioner has done, then this can be considered clinical negligence and it is considered a valid claim to sue NHS. A medical negligence claim will help you through the process of requiring compensation for the negligence once proven true.

Two important factors to validate a claim

Medical Negligence Solicitors will investigate the case and come to a   based on the facts at hand. Two necessary factors have to be met so it would

  1. First, was an attending physician or medical professional at fault because they did not provide the quality of service and care promised and expected to a certain extent?
  2. Second, did their negligence cause any injury or harm? The effect can take different forms. However, the outcomes must be tangible and recognisable during investigations.

If you are considering the legal complaint against the NHS, you must remember certain things. For instance, the Limitation Act 1980 that serves as a legal time limit for claims of this nature. It’s stated that you need to file it within 3 years (36 months). A Medical Negligence Solicitor can help explain the importance of time when filing these claims.

Choosing Negligence Solicitors

The job of being a medical negligence solicitor is never easy. It’s imperative to stay unbiased for everything while assuring your client that they will be given just compensation. Not everyone provides the best service. So, how do you choose?

Experience. The biggest factor to the success of any solicitor and their investigation is their experience. Expertise in the field doesn’t come overnight. It needs to be earned through experiences and different cases. This makes clients trust them more.


Financial Guarantees. Hiring a solicitor won’t come cheap, especially if you’re thinking of hiring well-reputed ones. But the best of the best have confidence in their abilities. This is the reason they offer a No Win No Fee basis. This principle works well for clients who want assurance they’ll be properly compensated.