Insider Tips for Surviving a Child Custody Battle

Child Custody Attorney

If you both decided to terminate your marriage, the next step is agreeing with the division of time to raise the children. As a parent, you have to do everything you can to settle outside the court. However, there are circumstances that may require you to pursue full custody.

Pursuing full custody will end up in court. You have to be ready because it can be grueling and expensive. To help you survive, here are some tips that you should consider:

Work with experienced attorneys

There are many attorneys you can consider but you have to remember that not all are created the same. To improve your chances of winning, you should look for a more experienced Houston child custody attorney. Aside from the experience, you should also look for recommendations and ask about the price.

If you cannot afford to get an attorney, you can always find ways. You can seek out a free consultation to discuss with the attorney your options. You can also consider free legal clinics near you. There are many people who can help you so you should not lose hope.

Child Custody Attorney

Make a good first impression

If you requested an in-home custody evaluation, it is very useful especially if you think your ex is trying to taint your home life. Whether the evaluator comes to your home or you visit the office, you should make a good first impression.

For instance, if the evaluator comes to your home, you should make it a point for the environment to exude a presentable and warm vibe. This does not mean that you have flowers around or fresh bread in the oven. It can be as simple as cleaning the house, making the beds, taking a shower and even ironing your blouse.

Save documents and keep them organized

To show the court that you are a more suitable parent, you should submit pieces of evidence. If you saved documents beforehand and kept them organized, you will have no problems showing that you are the better parent.

Keep the children out of the battle

When things are falling apart, arguments seem to be the only constant thing in your life. Even if this is the case, you should keep your children out of the battle. Remember that when parents fight, it is devastating for the children to listen.

Avoid talking negatively about your ex

In front of the kids, you should try to be cordial. As mentioned, when parents fight, it is devastating for the children to listen. If you have nothing to say, you should not talk negatively about your ex. For your feelings, it is better to vent out to a trusted friend. Children will not understand so do not turn them against your partner.

Refrain from drinking when you are with the children

If you are drinking when you are with the children, it will not help your case. In fact, the other party will use it against you. If you are drinking, it can be viewed that you are doing something that can put your children at risk.