Looking for the Right Acting Class for You? Tips and Tricks to Help you Become a Successful Actor


For a lot of actors, whether in theatrical plays or Hollywood, training is essential, it is a necessity. Professional athletes and Olympians don’t graduate from honing their skills, and neither do you. The question is, where and when do you start? What is the right course for you?

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to help you pick the right acting classes in NYC to further your career.

What are the right techniques?

Teachers in acting schools are sometimes guilty of clinging desperately to the effectiveness of the techniques they are trying to teach to their students. When you gamble your pride and honor, even your house payments to hone one technique, you are probably don’t want to be objective about it.

There will be times that you will talk smack about other methods or techniques to make yourself appear superior. But make no mistake, there’s no correct way or technique to act. There’s no guarantee that you will book a lot of jobs or become a great actor.

If the teachers tell you that their methods or techniques are way better, walk away. You have to check out every method, procedures, and approach and discover which one best suit you. There is a big chance that you will take little bits of something from other techniques. You need to learn everything, take what you see will help you improve your style, and leave the things that you see are not important.

Which teacher do you think is the right one?

If the teachers say that they can make you a big star, they are delusional and lying to you. If a teacher says they can make you a great actor, they are probably fabricating stories. No instructor or teacher in the world can turn you into a Meryl Streep or a George Clooney any more than a great basketball coach turns a player into Michael Jordan.

Like a good trainer at your local gym, a good instructor will introduce you to ethical practices and exercises that will allow you to find your hidden talent and express it all with the brilliance and perfect execution. You have natural acting skills and a good teacher, or instructor will help you improve and maintain it at a higher level.

A lot of instructors and teachers have access to famous casting directors,acting agents, or famous actors, but when it comes down to being a good actor, other than showing you your real potential is over-promising. When you are in an acting class, the instructor should be aninstructor, not trying to be an actor. Yes, it is beneficial if the person teaching you is a working actor.

Experience and knowledge about the craft are significant. But when they are teaching the class, they need to be a teacher, not an actor. It should not be about them. It should not be about their skill, their ego, or their career. You don’t pay them to indulge. They are there to teach and train you.

Anything that they do in class should be about training their students to be a good or better actor. And while we are on that subject, successful actors don’t usually make great teachers. Michael Jordan or Larry Bird is not Phil Jackson or Red Auerbach. Mike Tyson is not Cus D’Amato.

Let’s assume that your teacher is pushing you to your limits. That is what they are paid for. You are wasting your hard-earned money if the one teaching you can’t even push you to bring out your very best. It does not mean that students should feel humiliated or physically unsafe in class. But to be a great actor, you need to be pushed to your limit and out of your comfort zone.

A great teacher can take you to places that will give discomfort to you, but do it with a lot of respect, deep care, and progress in mind. You need to avoid “guru-ism.” You have to remember that your primary goal is to learn how to act, not to please your teachers. It is not about your instructor or teacher, it is about you, and the knowledge you want to get from these experiences.

Do not turn your teacher into your babysitter, give up your power and try to make your teachers proud. All that old stuff that you have learned before the class will keep you powerless weak and do nothing to improve your craft,and if you find an instructor or teacher that encourages that kind of behavior, you need to avoid them.

To find acting classes that suits you, don’t just enroll in old courses. There are in-vogue teachers and flavor-of-the-month courses that a lot of actors and acting agents believe to be good on your resumé. You have to check them out, but make sure that you do your research and find teachers who truly gets you and give their 100% in teaching you what you need to be a successful actor.