The Best Place To Stay In Hong Kong


There are millions of tourists that flock to Hong Kong on a yearly basis. It’s even safe to say that its one of the primary reasons why Hong Kong is an economic giant. It may not have bigger land area and a ton of natural resources to use, but with what little space that they have, they made it work and despite what many people see it as an overly saturated place in terms of people, many are still flocking it.

There is a good reason why many people are visiting Hong Kong. From studies, work, vacation, whatever it is, you will surely find something that you will be interested in on its soil. Although it’s funny to think that people prioritize looking for a place to stay, their place of choice doesn’t actually spell “fun” or something that they will remember.

There are a ton of cheap places in Hong Kong: There are a ton of cheap places to stay in Hong Kong and thanks to these places that people that are on a budget are able to afford to go to Hong Kong. It’s livable and you can still sleep soundly at night. But when it comes to experience, it’s not going to give you much other than what it offers like a place to crash and a place to charge your devices.

Experience Hong Kong: If you want to truly experience Hong Kong experience it fully not just through sightseeing and eating, choose places to stay that are authentic with its culture and heritage. There is an apartment called apartment O that offers a unique experience as far as staying in Hong Kong is concerned. Why? Because their concept is all about the vintage design of Hong Kong reminiscent of its strong culture and heritage.

It’s authentic with a twist: Apartment O knows that although staying in an old school based apartment might seem fun, if it doesn’t have all the amenities and comforts of modern-day living, it’s hard to convince people to stay in it. Aside from that, one of their strengths

 is their strategic location which gives you access to a ton of places from transportation to places to dine and stroll. For any special offers visit

There are so many things that you can explore in Hong Kong and because most are all beaten up after a long day of the activities that they wouldn’t care less where they end up sleeping. All most people want is a place to crash, recharge and go for another round the next day Although that works there’s still a big difference if you stay in a place that has more eye candy to offer that you will appreciate even more. Visit for more information.