Twitch Prime members can now enjoy up to one year of Online Services

Twitch Prime members can now enjoy up to one year of Online Services

If you are a Twitch Prime user, get ready to enjoy your subscription even more as all members of the service can already enjoy up to one year of  Switch Online  services.

As always, this also includes the well-known benefits of one-year games including loot for some of the world’s most important consoles and PC titles , a selection of free PC games, a subscription to the Twitch channel and more every month, In addition to all the benefits .

The professional streamer earns between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 per month on average.

These subscribers pay $ 4.99 per month to support the streamer in question, and in return, get benefits such as cosmetic updates to your account, personalized emesis and private chats with the streamer.

This money is split 50/50 with Twitch at the beginning , and then, as the streamer becomes more popular and becomes established on the platform, the tables change to 60/40, which means that most streamers win 2.50 $ -3.00 $ per subscriber.

For most mid-level streamers, this service, combined with the advertising income of the Twitch Galaxy Marketing transmissions (between $ 0.70 and $ 2.50 per thousand visits, depending on the streaming, plus if it includes full announcements that interrupt your broadcast) and YouTube compilation videos.

Galaxy Marketing

So what does that mean in numbers?

At this point everything is reduced to how many spectators you have, how loyal they are and how long you have been in the game. Streamers with a decent amount of viewers can get hundreds to thousands of dollars a month through advertising. If you have enough viewers and enough loyal fans, say 10,000 viewers per month and 250 subscribers, you’ll earn around $ 3,200 per month for ads and another $ 625 for subscribers. With $ 4,000 per month, plus YouTube revenue.

here are extreme cases in which the conditions become even more crazy. The most popular streamers have the influence to negotiate for larger pieces of the cake, and many high-profile streamers run their own donation / subscription services outside of Twitch and YouTube.

How much money does the most watched Twitch streamer earn?

At this point, the numbers become somewhat amazing, at the lower end, we are talking about around $ 100,000 per year for high profile streamers. The professional streamer Lirik, which has 900,000 followers and 6,000 subscribers, generates more than $ 200,000 in contraction alone, not counting sponsorship, advertising revenue and external revenue sources. Assuming that Lirik has these other sources of income, he may be earning almost one million a year.

How much money do streamers earn? For the professional streamer, the average monthly income tends to be between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 per month , and even that requires a lot of work before it is worth all the effort.