Why Should Small Businesses Need a Website?


If you’re a business owner, your dream is to lead and grow your brand to a successful path. But how can you do that? Simple, create a website.

If you don’t like having a business website, then don’t expect that your brand will reach more audiences. If you’re satisfied with your current sales, then leave this page right away. But if you’re hungry for improvement, and you want to be knowledgeable about how others became big with the help of the internet, then this article is for you.

Importance of the Internet for Small Businesses

Let me ask you this question: “Whose folks are not using the internet today?”

None? Of course! Even your grandmother and your grandfather use the internet today to communicate with their loved ones and browse something that would get their attention. Since the boom of the internet era, many businesses use this opportunity to grow their brand and to reach more target audiences that could turn into sales and revenues.

Internet, indeed, gives more revenues to many businesses out there who use this as a marketing tool. If you’re not using the internet to sell your products, then you’re losing something big here.

Besides, having a small business website is not all about selling your products, it is used to inform your current and potential customers about the news of your new products, promotions, deals, discounts, events, testimonies, reviews, and community for the customers.

Having this thinking to be applied on the web is something your customers will value. They will see that you cared about them rather than just selling.

Now, are you still not convinced to establish a site with a comprehensive Web Design Newcastle for your business?

Below are the reasons why you should need one.

  1. Social Proof

Did you know that almost 90% of the customers read reviews online before buying a product? So, if you don’t have websites, and review page, you’re missing out on the possible 90% of your sales. That’s huge – a huge business loss!

For example, you don’t have a website, you can still rely on review pages such as Yelp of FourSquare, and however, you can’t filter or control the reviews there. So the best solution for that is to create your testimonial page on your website. It is an excellent alternative method to impress any potential customers to purchase that product.

  1. More Revenues

If you use a free website-building tool, such as WordPress.com or blog sites, you’re establishing your company to reach thousands of potential customers more than what you could spend sending traditional newsletters via emails.

  1. Customers Expect You to Have One

Ask yourself this question: “Would you believe and trust a business without a website these days?” Probably no.

People change, so the business is. With millions of businesses operating today while you’re reading this article, there are businesses out there who love to scam people. And one way to differentiate your business from those fakes is by creating a website.

If people see that you have a website for your small business, and it looks professionally build, then they will have this judgment that yours is a legit business. Moreover, many businesses out there displayed all the certificates and licenses to their homepage to establish a reputation. Once you have built a brand reputation, more customers will believe that your business is being handled by a professional.