Cats need to stay active to be happy and healthy. A cat condos are the best way to provide your kitty with an opportunities for  physical exercise, mental stimulation, and sleep. It also provides an outlet for safety, relaxation, as well as frisky bursts of energy. They have a cylinder-like shape with compartments where your cat can go inside and sleep. They typically sit higher off the ground and, it  can accommodate not just one but many cats.

Cat condos also provide the awesome playing area ,where your  kitten can climb ,swing to and fro and jump ,if it wants to. What is great about cat condos? It is the fact that they are not only comfortable but also durable. So by making your kitten comfortable it feels protected and secure.

You may be worried  , if your kitten doesn’t have food properly.

A trail of tasty treats on the climbing area encourages your cat to climb, to be on the top of the cat condos so by enjoying, your kitten will have the food properly. Placing treats, catnip or desirable toys on the cat condos randomly throughout the day can also make your cat to explore the climber.

 Make the cat structure interesting by putting cushy or soft bedding on certain areas of the cat condos, where your cat likes to rest, which will encourage it to settle in for a nap, and can sleep peacefully without any stress.

cat condos

Perfect For The Cats When They Stay Indoors For A Long Time.

We can see why indoor cats are much healthier and typically live much longer than outdoor dwelling felines, because they are less likely to fall as prey for diseases, predators and for other cats. But without the proper care, an indoor cat can quickly become bored. Keeping your kitten happy   while staying safely inside, is not an impossible thing. They can also develop atrocious habits, like scratching your furniture or urinating at the corners of the house, making it unhygienic, therefore the best way to make your cat engaging and entertaining is by providing a toy called cat condos. So that your cat may explore every corners in that from jumping from one floor to another floor. As a pet lover, you may know how demanding the cat family is and providing the responsible care for your cat is the best thing  you can gift.

Cat condos are the innovative form made up of solid wood which is long lasting ,allows the cat to prevent scratching. playtimeworkshop provides you the best cat condos which are made of artificial fabrication that encourages your cat to play, exercise, and climb and allows it to relax in comfort.