Has Vanguard effective in stopping cheaters?

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It is tough to say at present. Cheaters have made their way in Valorant closed beta, however, banning system was totally incomplete when beta started, and sometimes Riot Games waits to ban the cheaters in waves instead of showing their hand to the cheat makers immediately. Vanguard is a one part of the Riot’s planned cheat arsenal.  It is fundamentally the defense in approach. The complete breadth of the Riot’s plan includes:

  • Using Vanguard make cheats tough to develop (expensive)
  • Designing Valorant will be cheat-resistant
  • Catching cheaters with the replays & machine learning (has not built)
  • Catching cheaters by player reporting
  • Using hardware bans that will keep cheaters to rejoin with the new accounts

We will know how well the Riot Games anti-cheat program is working when we have the longer time to judge. It is unlikely that valorant cheats will be totally eradicated from the competitive game; however, if Riot will make encountering cheats in Valorant the rare & surprising occurrence, it could do much better than their competitors.

Valorant aimbot

How do players feel of Vanguard?

Whenever I filter out extremes, general sentiment during beta was: ‘it is really good that Riot Games is taking the anti-cheat seriously, and Vanguard is quite intrusive.’ Vanguard will act like the PC security program, but it will block software that the people rely on—and software that is not considered as the security risk by the actual antivirus software. This will irritate the PC gamers that are sensitive for any loss of the control over the machines.

The recommendation from the players was Vanguard must allow the players to run the software that it has got concerns of, but also prevent them to play Valorant till they reboot & ensure that those programs do not run. That is one direction that Riot Games have said it will get in. It is quite clear that Riot Games is listening, although it has not shown any kind of interest in changing their basic workings of the anti-cheat software.

At present, it is something that players may need to take up with in case they wish to play the Valorant game, although Riot did make it simple to disable and uninstall Vanguard just by adding the system icon. I have taken to uninstalling the Vanguard between the Valorant sessions. This means I need to reinstall it and reboot the PC before I start playing Valorant game, but that is not the big deal providing how fast PCs will boot nowadays.

Whereas there is not any way to confirm the driver’s processes at the moment, and Riot’s statement must offer players with peace of mind, as well as prevent them to feel as if they want to delete driver each time they close the Valorant.