How Technology Has Revolutionised The Mining Industry


Technology has entered the mining industry and has completely transformed the face of mining. It has opened the door for plenty of opportunities, changing operations and increasing the demand for production. In the future, huge changes can be noticed in day-to-day activity. As the industry is inclining more and more into digital space, there will be a higher chance of recruiting workers with a specific skill set and getting new machinery to perform a job. From hammers and sticks, the industry has shifted to use dynamites, underground rigs & bolters for extensive drilling. So, how technology has moulded the mining industry? Take a look below.

Increase in communication– Communication is one of the greatest troubles in the mining industry. With technology advancements, there has been mobile access to different parts which ensures workers’ safety. Seniors can convey information faster and smoother to the workers. With constant interaction, there has been a boost in productivity. The mobile devices are also used to warn the workers during any danger.

Data-driven decisions– To survive in the mines, management have changed their approach by making necessary adjustments in data and information technology. This has also reduced unnecessary load on the workers, risk and streamlined the operations. Management uses smart data solutions to convey crucial pieces of information like temperature, water pressure and more. With these data, people can make a faster decision, increase safety and sustainability and save a lot of money.

Faster completion of projects– With the growth of 3D printing, miners can customise the demands and drill the area that needs the most. This reduces delay in projects and gives an extreme level of client satisfaction. Along with heavy machinery, equipment, devices, underground rigs and bolters, 3D printing further makes mining less complicated and faster.

Automated reporting– Nowadays, reporting has become automated. With increased scrutiny from the regulatory bodies and government, companies are maintaining a greater level of transparency and reports on taxes and finances are readily available. Due to stricter laws and conditions, companies make sure that the reports on all topics are instantly available.

The mining industry will use more technology and become more automated in the future. As innovation is constantly evolving, it is changing the working ways of the miners and increasing the need to introduce various advanced equipment and machinery. This will ensure the safety of the workers, enhance the working conditions and boost more productivity.