Learn How To Pick the Right Colored Contact Lenses For You

Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, especially the colored ones can surely make you look different. They have different effects on people which is why knowing how to choose the right colored contact lenses for you is important. Remember that contact lenses are not only for cosmetic purposes. A lot of people use them to correct their vision as well.

Colored Lenses Depending on Skin Type

That is why contact lenses the revia contact lens review online are popular for a lot of reasons. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right colored contact lenses depending on your skin color:

  • Fair Skin Type. If you have fair skin, you are lucky because any color of contact lens will look good on you. But if you want to have the “wow factor,” then choose the shades of blue and gray. Choosing these colors will give you a classic look. Also, you can pick something that will give you a bright eye color. Something like turquoise, aqua, or purple is the most recommended if you want to stand out.
  • Tanned or Medium Skin Type. If you have tanned or brown skin, then you can opt for bright-colored contact lenses. You have to opt for colored lenses that can make your eyes glow with your skin complexion. Individuals with tan complexion usually go for the green, hazel, grey, honey, or dark blue colors. However, avoid the bright blues like aqua or turquoise. Know that they do not pair well with caramel skin tones. If you want to use neutral colors, make sure that they are a bit of different shade than your eyebrows. The goal here is to make your irises pop.
  • Dark Skin Type. For those with dark skin types, you can always go for the colors that you want depending on the effect that you want for your eyes. But among the choices, warm-colored lenses are the best for you. But if you want to look naturally sexy, go for hazel or 2-tone violet. And if you want a pop of color in your irises, then switch to lenses with honey or autumn-colored. Just avoid loud colors like aqua or pink because they do not usually compliment your look.

Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses Depending On Hair Color

Now that you know the different types of colored lenses depending on your skin type, the next thing is to factor in depending on your hair color. Remember that not all colored lenses works for any hair color. So here are some tips for you:

  • Black Hair. If you have black hair, pick colored lenses that are in the shades of blue-black, salt-pepper, or anything that is cool-toned. And if you are going for a natural look, you can also go for brown contact lenses.
  • Medium Brown Hair. If you are checking out olens usa, one of the things that you should consider is if you have medium brown hair color. But with this shade of hair, you can wear most of the colored lenses.
  • Blonde and Light Hair. For this type of hair color, they work well with dark-colored contact lenses. Deep browns, black, and chocolate colors work perfectly with your hair color.

When it comes to colored lenses, there is always something that will work best for you. So no matter what your skin color or your hair color is, find a colored lens that perfectly matches with these factors.