Places to visit and be remembered when in Singapore for Food Hunting


Singapore’s development over the past three decades has been notable, yet the island has not dazed by growth. Guests will discover a wealth of ancient treasures from the past in the attractiveness of older structures, values, and civilizations that have lived in the face of intense communal and physical change. Singapore is both an island and a state, but imaginably its best explanation is that of a city-state. Like the excessive city-states of the historical, it offers development and instruction in the uppermost mark.

Its combination of Western-style growth and Eastern-style composed seems too current the best of both hemispheres. It’s a contemporary capital where you feel harmless roaming around the streets, and it’s an Asian corporate center that’s a model of productivity. Singapore is also an all-inclusive city. Close to one-quarter of its residents are ex-pats or foreign laborers from all over the world. Identified for its need to become the technology center of Asia, Singapore is the most bound republic in the county, and visiting Singapore shouldn’t miss the popular places when it comes to food hunting.

hawker food tour Singapore

  • Chinatown Complex Food Centre – you must try native foods on this food center. Being the leading hawker center in Singapore with more than 260 food stands that can be explored and offers different kinds of foods with a full range of local dishes.
  • Old Airport Road Food Center – one of the oldest and foremost food benches in the island city, works for decent and yummy native food to many peers of Singaporeans. Undeniably, you will find all the widely held Singaporean dishes.
  • Maxwell Road Hawker Center – deliberately placed at Chinatown and opposite the stunning Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, this hawker center is the perfect room for people to have a break and appreciate tasty local food while discovering Chinatown
  • Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Center – a hygienic and roomy hawker center. Restored recently, and Centre is now one of the freshest and most large hawker centers in Singapore. This food center is furnished with the latest machine-driven scheme for each of its stalls and elegantly operates in the open-air, so you will undoubtedly adore the airy, comfy and calming atmosphere.
  • Chomp Chomp Food Center – unlike other food centers opening from morning to evening, this food center starts from 18:00 until late every day. So if you are a food hunter and want to have a decent hawker food tour Singapore at late-night, head to Chomp Chomp Food Centre. To many Singaporean calls, this food center satay mecca.

The main activities of Hawker Centre Street Food Experiences are to jog, walk around the grounds of Gardens by The Bay, leading in the direction of Chinatown for a sampling of home-grown brunch in the Hawker Markets.