Searching for a divorce lawyer?

divorce in Houston Texas

Are you searching for a divorce lawyer? If yes then you’re at the right place. We are here to provide you, divorce lawyer, very easily if you’re from Houston. We will provide you the best services if you want a divorce in Houston Texas. We are here to give you detailed information about our services so that it becomes easy for you to follow them and take action according to it.

There are numerous lawyers present in Houston. But our lawyers provide you best services and also charge less as compared to other lawyers. We will provide you our services if you get a divorce in Houston in Texas. We will charge you according to some processes in which two are most easy and famous:

  • We charge you according to per hour.
  • We charge you according to the completion of the agreement.
  • We can also charge according to the day or time taken by the lawyer to solve the hour case.

Documents that you should have to prepare while divorcing:

  • Documents to transfer automobile titles
  • Documents to transfer real estate, including special warranty deeds
  • Documents to transfer financial accounts, including retirement accounts, and
  • Other documents necessary to complete the transfer of property agreed to by the parties.
  • Divorces without agreements/contested cases

divorce in Houston Texas

The amount charged by lawyers according to the type of case:

  1. Agreed divorce, no children, no property

The amount charged by lawyers is $500-$750.

  1. Agreed divorce

The amount charged by lawyers is $500-$750.

  1. Agreed divorces with children, no property, no child support order in place

The amount charged by us is $1500-$2500

  1. Agreed divorce with children, child support order in place, no property

The amount charged by us is $750-$1500

  1. Agreed divorced, no child support order, with property

The minimum amount charged by us is $2500.

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