What Archaelogical Artifacts Have We Discovered In The Last 5 Years


We are always walking towards our future of possibilities. As the world moves forward, some archaeologists are discovering the historical remains of this planet. With the discoveries of ancient history and artefacts thousands of years old, we anticipate our future.

The Valdarno Lovers

We have heard great love stories in the past, but nothing can surpass this archaeological discovery of two skeletons inter-wound with each other in Mantua, Italy. Historians are divided in their views on this couple in love. They confirmed that the skeletons were that of a young man and woman about 6000 years ago. People have made their speculations, but the reason behind their death is unknown.

What Archaelogical Artifacts Have We Discovered In The Last 5 Years

Nesting Pyramids Of Chichén Itzá

In Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula, we can find the symbolic El Castillo pyramid. Archaeologists claim that the pyramid is 1000 years old. It is 100 feet high and 180 feet wide. The pyramid has two more pyramids inside it. Surrounding the pyramid on the outside are 91 steps on each side. Scientists have made discoveries surrounding this old pyramid as late as November 2016 although it has been popular since the 1930s.

New Dead Sea Scrolls

In between 1946 and 1956, archaeologists had discovered as many as 11 caverns in the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea. From these caves, they yielded centuries-old historical papers stored in earthen jars. In early 2017, researchers were lucky and discovered a similar 12th cavern. They believe that there are hundreds of similar caves left to be explored and discovered by them. Each discovery from ancient history opens our vision with valuable information from the past.

An Ancient Aztec Temple

Mexico City experienced a devastating earthquake in 2017. It led to the discovery of a very old temple that dates back to 1150AD. Archaeologists found this temple inside the Teopanzolco pyramid of the 1200s located to the south of Mexico City. Archaeologists have also approved the presence of a hidden tunnel to the pyramid of the moon. Although the reason for such a tunnel is not known, they believe that old men dug it to create a connection with the underworld.

Discoveries In The Ashes Of Pompeii

We all know how the city of Pompeii was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mt Vesuvius about 2 millennia ago. Of late, scientists were startled to discover the remains of the intact body of an ancient horse. Along with the horse, they found the remains of an old shrine with beautiful cave wall paints. These were covered in ashes for centuries.

Archaeologists make many historical findings every year. Only some of them gain prominence and remain in the headlines for a long time.