When Couples can Benefit from Couples Therapy Singapore


Far from being the last remedy, Couple Counselling or Therapy can help couples to solve most of the long-standing issues, while figuring out if couples are compatible to give a new start. Couples Therapy is the type of counselling that focuses on improvising the connection and relationship between adult couples engaged in long term relationship or marriages. The therapists or the counsellor offering the Couples Therapy may perform multiple sessions of therapeutic orientations, including psychoanalytic paradigm, cognitive behavioural paradigm and humanistic paradigm. Couples struggling with their relationship can benefit from couple therapy singapore in different ways.

When Couples Therapy is Needed?

Couples and adults can benefit from Couples Therapy if:

  • They desire to corporate more efficiently in parenting their kids
  • They desire to enhance their sexual intimacy, develop more romance in relationship and increase sexual satisfaction
  • They are looking to support each other for better management of anxiety and stress caused due to relationship. The sources of stress can be anything from health concerns to demands of employment, and liabilities of parenting
  • They want to support each other when both or one partner is suffering from emotional illness like after a loss or an ailment.
  • They want to resolve their day to day disputes at home in peaceful and effective way
  • They desire to address and resolve the underlying conflicts and issues developed in the relationship like disputes for money and the interference of the in-laws.
  • They want to solve some of the crucial differences over important decisions like whether or not to get married or the roles of the in-laws after marriage and when to have kids or get pregnant
  • They want to solve some of the crucial transition in the relationship like after marriage when to get pregnant for first kid and upon retirement of spouse and more. This kind of Couples Therapy in Singapore is proven very beneficial for couples when they decide to start a step family.

Whatever are the concerns of the couples during the therapy or counselling session, the therapists aim to assist and support the couples in enhancing the process of their communication. The couples are encouraged by the therapists to highlight their thoughts, desires, feeling to each other in compassionate and precise way. They are also asked to demonstrate their partner that they perfectly empathize and comprehend each other’s points of views. As the communication between the partners improvises gradually in the sessions, they find new ways of connection and their relationship strengthens and deepens over time.

Couples also become more skilled to solve most of their disagreement without counselling over time. They find solving problems efficiently and as a result they cooperate effectively, while experiencing ultimate fulfilment in their relationship.