Why buy a latex mattress?


Adding up all the advantages and possible defects, it is clear that buying a latex (foam) mattress is a convenient solution for those seeking to combine a high degree of comfort and flawless performance of the product, thanks to the remarkable virtues of the material used. A latex mattress is ideal for those looking for a rest as natural as possible, being a material that adapts perfectly to the lines of the body by supporting its weight in an adequate manner. Furthermore, it is an excellent material in terms of transpiration, so it is the perfect mattress for those suffering from heat or excessive sweating in general: simply follow the correct rules of hygiene and maintenance to have a product that will last at least 10 years. Without problems, to the full satisfaction of buyers buy quality latex mattress singapore online.

How it is used

Latex, or rather latex foam, can be used in various stages of the construction of a mattress, also by virtue of the profound versatility of this material: first of all it is used in the support structure, to allow those who will recline on it to always have a perfect alignment of the spine, neck and head, while at the same time offering sensations of softness and warmth. Just like polyurethane foam, latex foam is also processed with different densities and shapes to diversify the lift areas of the mattress and best support all parts of the body according to their conformation, the heaviest ones such as the pelvis and the back, as well as the lighter ones such as the upper and lower limbs.

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But latex foam is also essential in the padding, to reduce pressure points and offer greater feeling of ease and comfort during the night’s rest, distributing the stresses produced by body movements better than any other material: one of the main peculiarities of the foams, both of latex and polyurethane, is the ability to resist shocks and return to their original shape without breaking or degrading the material, thus making it non-deformable. This is also due to the manufacturing processes, whereby the foam is introduced into special molds and subjected to the so-called vulcanization, which significantly improves the elasticity of the latex, while at the same time allowing the abrasiveness and stickiness of the foam to be completely eliminated.

Advantages of latex

There are many advantages of latex, whose properties and peculiarities have long been well known to mattress and pillow manufacturers. We recall among the most important virtues of this material at least: Elasticity Transpiration Hypoallergenicity Lightness Hygiene.