Watch movies like never before with the ultimate HD Series Home Theater System


Today movies are being released to the big screen like never before. Whether you’re bringing your best friend for a birthday treat, taking the new girl in school for your first date or simply taking the whole family for a weekend out, a trip the nearest cinema is welcome. Except the part where you have to make sure everyone gets to the cinema on time, the car park is available when you get there, you managed the get the seat with the best view and you didn’t have to queue for 10 minutes to get the popcorn. Not to mention the price of the movie tickets for your whole family could leave a hole in your pocket. Is there a better way to catch all the amazing new movies coming your way without spending a lot of time and money on it? The BNW ACOUSTICS RS-9 is the answer you are searching for.

Your ultimate HD Series Home Theater System is almost being in the cinema watching your favorite flick in the comfort of your own home. Bowers & Wilkins Acoustics or BNW Acoustics, the Audio and Home Theater Systems expert has mini theater and custom theme systems to give you a private cinema experience. If you are very serious about this, add on subwoofers, Panorama 2, their latest soundbar or you can also try the 700 Series to hear music the way its really intended to be heard. The BNW Acoustics RS-9 comes with the following features:

220 Watt Total System Output

5.1 Channel Compatible

Premium Audio Cables

Long Throw Pure Bass Driver

Multi-Directional Satellites

Wall Mounting Brackets

MP3/Smart Phone

HD Compatible

BNW Acoustics was first established in 1965 and has slowly evolved to become the best in the market for audio and home theater systems. Trust that these makers know their products in and out, been researching and improving each one of it to give their customers the ultimate music and movie experience the way it is really meant to the listened and watched. Get more information other home theatre system at their website call their customer service for any support. You can also walk into any BNW Acoustics store to test their products yourself. BNW products are available at any of their stores or can even be purchased from online shops like Amazon.