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Boosting enthusiast considers Boosteria as the world oldest and famous when it comes to high standard and quality services. thousands of players all over the world entrusted this company when it comes to LoL boosting.

The advantage of our services: 

  • The company is only recruiting the best League of Legends players. The highest requirement for every applicant is Diamond 5. Rest assured your account will be in trusted hands.
  • The company is working patiently in order to make all customers happy.
  • All professional boosters are strictly required to avoid talking with teammates without approval.
  • The company is always prepared to answer all queries regarding purchase League of Legends Boosting and solve any problem that will occur. All staff of the company works every day to help you at any stage of boosting procedure.
  • The company assures that spoiling a single piece of customers data are all anonymous. You can stop your order from coming into sight with a click in the Boosteria personal domain. This makes the company more famous because of the good services being offered to their client.

purchase League of Legends Boosting

What type of League of Legends boosts can you buy? 

  1. Solo Queue Boost- you can get you Elo boost super fast
  2. Double Queue Boost- if you want to be the best LoL player this is the best service for you.
  3. Smurf- if you buy an account from the company, it will be at least level 30 and ready to play ranked games.

Why is LoL Boosting so expensive?

 Honestly, LoL Boosting is just cheap especially during the summer sale. But without the discounted price LoL boosting is so expensive. One of the reasons is only a few players in the whole League of Legends can work as elo boosters. They should be Diamond 1 or higher. The company will only hire people with good moral. The future booster should be able to play six to ten hours a  day. Not everyone who fits the requirements is the only ones to become elo booster. However, we are keeping our prices almost by twenty percent cheaper than the most major services do. Various promotions are announced in order to bring discounts on different services that are offered.

Customer Feedbacks 

  • The boosters are so speedy and so amazing and friendly.
  • Great and fast jobs, the services were incredibly good
  • Good and skilled booster and can be trusted
  • It costs money but it is still necessary for people for it makes them smile and able to gain new friends.