Maruti Baleno To Be Sold As A Toyota Soon


We all remember Maruti as a reliable car brand from when its hit model Maruti 800 came out in the market in Joint venture made with Suzuki of Japan during the early 80s. Maruti and Suzuki in the following years launched various car models like Zen D, esteem, Omni etc most of which were hits of their time. In 1999 Maruti launched its 1.6-liter Maruti Baleno, in the same year it hit the roads. Maruti Baleno was actually the restyled version of Suzuki Cultus Crescent launched globally in 1995 and later in India. It was redesigned with a new front end, aroundthe grille and a new headlight. The assembling of its parts was done by General Motors PvtLtd(GM) in Gurgaon, India. This model ran on the road on its launch in 1999 till 2007. During this period this model was made available for sale in the Indian market.

During a period of time Maruti and Suzuki together launched many other successful cards, but the craze for Baleno didn’t go down even after decades of its launch, this car model was known for its premium deluxe design and was among the fresh and trending car in those years. Until 2007 Baleno ran on the Indian roads until other mechanical and technological advancement came into the market. Its sale, therefore, fell down and company decided to bring it off the road but the public still waited for a new updated model of Baleno.

MarutiBaleno to return as Toyota

It has been confirmed that Suzuki Motor Corp.of Japan will supply around 25 thousand deluxe hatchbacks maruti baleno model to Toyota another Japanese Motor Corp annually. It will become the first cross-batch car of Toyota and Suzuki’s collaboration deal. This car will undergo re-modifications and changes both inside and outside before landing it on the road, these changes and modifications are already approved from both the ends. This collaboration between these two Japanese company i.e. Suzuki and Toyota is expected to launch the finest range of premium hatchback car on the Indian roads. Suzuki Motors Pvt Ltd planted its manufacturing facility in Mehsana(Gujarat) this year where Baleno is been manufactured.

As Suzuki has launched many hit model on the road with collaboration with Maruti in India till this date and has planted its root in the Indian Motor Vehicle market years ago it is now considered one of the most trusted Motor Corp. in India which makes it an obvious fact that Toyota made this deal to imprint a qualitative impression in the domestic market which it hasn’t made as of yet. Toyota aims to grow its reach and expand its business in India and therefore this cross-batch deal with Suzuki Motor Corps will definitely benefit this company in the upcoming years. People are all hyped up about this new model of Baleno and are eagerly waiting for it and why won’t they? Suzuki has never failed to meet up the public’s expectations.