NBA Playgrounds review

NBA Playgrounds review

Basketball comes beautifully to life in NBA Playgrounds. The game has a lot in common with its counterparts in NBA Jam and NBA Street but it successfully delivers something else alongside. Truthfully, that is what we have been looking for.

The game brings you alive on the court. The graphics, animation, and control have been wonderfully woven together. It gives you the power of executing your play just as you want while watching the characters perform their signature moves. The details of dunks and rebounds are so refreshing, it puts you in the right mood. Slam dunk, 먹튀that!

Moreover, the game has plenty of characters both old and new and some ridiculous animations that are bound to keep you entertained.

NBA Playgrounds


There isn’t much to say about that, except that certain moves and shots could do with a bit more of explanation. You have to learn on the go about how your meter works or how to get a power-up and make use of the power-up effectively. This means you have to play for several hours before you know your game. That’s pretty hard to 먹튀.

The game does not feature micro-transactions either. You are offered packs of cards as you go ahead and level up. The cards allow you to open more players. Player upgrades are also available with level-ups but the details of these upgrades are unclear until you actually level up. You wouldn’t know what you are looking for either, so all you can do is wait and play-on.


The developers have promised upgrades on the game so there is plenty to wait for in the coming days. More characters are to be added soon. The current two-player online version might also turn to four-player, which would be a huge welcome at the end of the day.

NBA Playgrounds has delivered us on a lot of promises and it certainly is a game that will move ahead. It’s lively graphics and strong controls make it an all-time favorite. If you start on this one, there is little chance you won’t return to it.