In life, we need insurance. Why? Because insurance serves as a form of risk control, whether for education, health, or vehicles we have. The way it works is by transferring the risk from one party to another. You will be charged each month or every few months as a guarantee of the risks that you will face. Moreover, for heavy goods vehicle (HGV). Having this type of vehicle is very risky. Because these vehicles are often used for the delivery of goods, it is very susceptible to robbery. If exposed to street robbery, then who will be responsible for this? For that, the people are declaring their HGV because of the high number of accidents and the increasingly rampant thefts that occurred. Handing their HGVs is one of the best steps to protect their HGV and its content. In HGV insurance you need do not hesitate anymore because HGV insurance offers some convenience in your HGV Insurance. Whatever HGV you have, you do not have to worry anymore about all your HGV.

HGV insurance

Why should HGV Insurance?

Total insurance is a company engaged in insurance that offers several types of insurance, one of them is HGV Insurance. Why is HGV Insurance perfect for you? Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • HGV has a favorable policy for their insurance followers.
  • HGV provides some advantageous features.
  • Rapid documentation process.
  • A very flexible payment system.
  • The process of quoting and can cover extra fast.

What can be covered in HGV insurance?

  1. Public liability: It can protect you from claims made by people or a community that is due to your negligence. You do not have to be personally liable if your truck crashes or hurt someone.
  2. Legal fees: Do not worry if you are caught in a legal case because you will get a lawyer’s fees and all the legal fees associated with it.
  3. Contents cover: If you use your HGV for haulage services, this is very important to you because HGV Insurance can cover items in trucks damaged, lost, or robbed.
  4. European cover: You will be guaranteed if your truck is operated in Eurozone or in countries that enter into the euro zone. You’ll get your truck, you and your truck safe.
  5. Fleet insurance: Having a lot of vehicles does make us worry about the theft of our vehicles. For that, fleet insurance is very profitable people who have many vehicles to reduce the risk of accidents or theft.
  6. Losing your license: If you ever lose your license, HGV Insurance will ensure that you keep earning monthly income as long as you have not earned anymore.
  7. Breakdown recovery: The cost of damage recovery is now not borne by truck drivers anymore. Because HGV Insurance guarantees the cost of recovering damages imposed by the company.
  8. Comprehensive HGV Insurance: True or false, you will be covered by HGV Insurance. So you do not have to worry about your work as a truck driver.