There is a line of special products in the form of the specially designed toilet bowls. All of them are quite similar in their designs but are different in the modes of the installation of the battery. The attractive Illumibowl toilet night light is a brilliant idea of enjoyment everynight. Feeling the urge to excrete even in the night is quite common. Our body has no resistance over it. Keeping in mind such problems has designed for a special product. Read this to explore more.



The Vintar 19 color Motion Sensor with illumibowl toilet night light LED is a special product that hails from the company. There are certain features which make it a totally different from the others.

  1. There are a total of 16 shades of light dancing and enchanting the user. The rotation scheme ofthelight is the most loved by the kids. The total coverage of 170 degrees provides a very wider range in comparison to the other toilet facilities that provide only 120 degrees coverage.
  2. The sensor works on a principleof detecting the presence of a person by the incubation chamber which switches on the beautiful display of the lights in an enchanting fashion.
  3. It is quite a convenient one to install the battery and the facilities in any size of the toilet regardlessof even how modern are the already existing facilities.
  4. Even after bending the PVC neck up to any angle, it stays in its position giving a pleasant experience.
  5. The unique part comes with this facility. It is the facility of changing the brightness of the LED lights which is not available in all the products.This particular product is capable of varying within 5 different intensity positions according to the intensity of the darkness. The settings can be manually operated because most people do not like the idea of experiencing a harsh light.
  6. There is a guarantee period of one complete year. Any manufacturing defects can make the product to be fully replaceable. However, customer induced defects due to rough handling shall not be entertained. One needs to go through all the user guidelines as specified in the manual to use the facilities with care.


The system has the capability of changing the color and intensities of the light which is done by the heating of the system after tracing a person. The instinctive controls that are present in the heater make it easily adjustable to glow the LED lights. The toilet seats of this product are made of Acrylic material, they are quite elongated to be a comfortable place to rest on, and some of the seats are also available in round structures with the additional bidets.


This toilet is laden with some unique advantages.

TheLED display set up is totally waterproof and even severe flushing cannot make it get disrupted. This is user-friendly and is also easy to clean. The auto-sensing organ of the kit is so advanced that it does not delay by even a second to shut down when a person leaves the toilet. There is no need to check the batteries because the sensor is automated to feel the light and the darkness and work accordingly. The night light is a beautiful one because it even marks the way one has to travel through during the night.the enjoyment of the lights with the additional system of changing intensity is one of the special one in its kind. The sanitary design is too elegant and royal in a fashionwhich will even attract the guests.

Above all, this toilet facility is provided with a rechargeable night light facility which is so advanced that it has been reviewed to last for years.