What You Need To Know About Business Process Analysis


In a business, the  business process analysis is very important. This is one of the most important activity where it supports the changes done. This can be the changes on the existing business systems, or it can also be an improvement done on the business process. Sometimes, this is also about acquiring, merging or maybe splitting the business units.

            Every business owner knows that each of the businesses in this industry never stops finding a way to get these work done. Some are doing their best to improve their efficiency, others are cost-cutting, there is also business who increase their productivity and improving their customer service. For every business, constant innovation and the faster time to market is very important.

The Efforts For A Successful Business Process Analysis

            Every business process analysis should be able to study any existing procedures being made, find the important work that is being done, and also define these works and how it can be accomplished. These business processes should create “as is” as well as “to be” workflows which will provide the analysts with a strategic idea of the business architecture.

The B2T Learning Objectives

B2T has been training over 16,000 business analysts since 2000. This is the reason why many business analysts are seeking for their courses and try to be included in their tight schedule because the company has proven to train successful business analysts and help them be better in their field.

At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • Practice any framework that can help with the process improvement.
  • They would be able to initiate a process analysis effort. They should be able to provide clear objectives and goals.
  • At the end of the course, it is expected that they should identify and define any complex business process steps. This can be done by using modeling techniques.
  • Should be able to evaluate and also prioritize any potential improvements.
  • They can start identifying any business component.
  • Should decompose any complex process into a much lower level task and sub-processes by using a decomposition diagram.
  • The students should be able to identify any changes and provide the results of the changes as well as develop a workable plan and backlog.
  • They should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a solution.

What Every B2T Training Student Will Experience

            This course is specifically designed to provide the student’s techniques on business process analysis and examine the things being done in order to create a solution and options for the improvement of the business process. This course will be able to provide the business analyst students with a tool for better understanding of the core business process. This will give them alternative solutions that will be needed for the business as well as its IT impacts.

These business analysis training conducted by B2T Training will provide their students with exemplary confidence and credibility to provide appropriate solutions to address any problem or opportunity that can benefit the business. They have taught thousands of students in the past, making them the best in this field.