HPE Synergy – A Beginner’s Guide


With the growing trends in the market today, businesses must work in moving fast to keep up with the competitive forces. This means that the IT sector must keep working to provide an infrastructure that ensures growth, greater productivity, enhanced innovation, improved customer experience and reduced risk. A good compostable infrastructure helps the organizations achieve the objectives that are challenging to achieve through the traditional approaches.

HPE Synergy

This latest technology brings the architectural principles of composable infrastructure to life. It is a platform that reduces the complexity faced during the operations and also increases operational swiftness for applications and services. Nimble Storage specializes in providing Hong Kong with storage technology that ensures fast and reliable data access for date centers and cloud applications. It is powered by Infosight, an artificial intelligence engine which provides amazing storage support and efficient management.

HPE synergy is a single intelligent physical infrastructure that combines storage and fabric, compute and network equipment in one framework, along with executive software that can promptly construct the hardware automatically to provide the resources that are needed to run an application. All these resources are immediately available to run any application.

HPE is also working towards the big companies in areas like finance, medicine and healthcare and insurance. It is an initial step on the way to a more composable and modular system as it allows individual processors and memory chips and card to be programmed automatically.

Why HPE synergy?

  • Instill the IT planning with the skill to enable quickness, elasticity, and velocity.
  • Apply newer infrastructure concepts to carry both conventional and new applications
  • Organize HPE Synergy infrastructure to modernize workload support
  • Synergy enables companies to streamline procure processes
  • It gives the companies greater flexibility to configure systems once they have been installed.
  • It is well equipped to serve the clients.

Here are the top five reasons one would want to discover more about Synergy and how it assists meeting the company’s IT needs.

  1. HPE Synergy is revolutionary. Synergy is photonics-ready. It supports network bandwidth requirements as they are developed.
  2. HPE Synergy enables the developers to hold leverage its software-defines infrastructure for physical, virtual and containerized workloads. Through a sole crossing point that specifically composes infrastructure, service employment can be sped up by the use of templates and redundant downtime can be eradicated by using frictionless modification.
  3. Synergy goes beyond hyper congregation. This offers the industry’s first composable infrastructure.
  4. Stateless operations are now possible because of synergy. If one has always wanted to compute stateless, this synergy equipment provides just that. For example, one can apply the synergy to a golden picture on the compute modules that are using that image will effectively be updated at the next system restart.