Important benefits of using deionised water


A few years ago, the highly purified water was used only in limited places like in some commercial and industrial applications. But these days, you can find two common forms of purified water that is being used and they are distilled and deionized water (Dl).  Water purification can be done in numerous ways which include reverse osmosis, ultraviolet oxidation, electro dialysis, carbon filtration, micro porous filtration and ultra filtration.

This purest form of water has many applications today and they are being used in laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical field, food processing, cleaning glasses and car wash, product manufacturing industries and others. At present, this deionised water is used in many industries ranging from science, engineering and other technological industries.

This purified water undergoes a process of removal of mineral ions such as anions from iron, copper, calcium, sodium, and anions from chloride and bromide. The deionization process uses specially prepared ion exchange resins, which help to filter and bind mineral salts from water. Because most of the contaminants in the water contain dissolved salts, deionization produces a greater degree of purity, which is generally similar to distilled water.

This deionised water can be created by removing ions from water using several methods like ion exchange and in this process the positive and negative ions from hydrogen and hydroxyl respectively are exchanged and the exchange is taken place due to the higher affinity for other ions of resin. After that, the ions are removed through physical displacement and therefore, there is only hydrogen or hydroxyl ions are left in the place.


Deionsied water – Merits

  • This type of water is the preferred water in many industrial and manufacturing systems as manufacturers do not want salt to produce on their machines.
  • This deionised water is used to cool, lubricate machines and also other applications in an industry.
  • It is also used in manufacturing of cosmetics, medicines and also used in processing of foods.
  • In addition to its usage of laboratory reagent and raw material, deionized or distilled water is commonly used for topping up lead acid batteries in most trucks, buses and cars.
  • Currently, deionized water is the preferred fluid for use in cooling systems of most of the automotives.
  • This water can be used during the manufacturing process of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. (API)
  • If you want to clean and rinse products like glass and cars, then purified water can be used, as they do not have any salts and therefore, the surface can be cleaned without any particles left.
  • A few of the health experts recommend this deionised water for short-term use in order to detoxify the body.

These are only a few benefits of this deionised water and so make use of them.