Insider Tips for Doing Your Manicure at Home

Insider Tips for Doing Your Manicure at Home

Many people think that manicures are an occasional way of pampering. You have to understand that regular manicure provides great benefits for your health and wellbeing. Basically, submitting to regular manicures will improve the health of your nails. If the manicure session includes a relaxing massage, it can help increase your blood circulation.

You wish you always have time for a nail appointment but that is far from the truth. If you do not have time to visit the nail salon, you have to rely on your Manicuras skills so you can do it at home. When it comes to doing your manicure at home, practice is the key. To be successful, here are some tips you need to consider:

Pick the right shape

There are many trendy shapes these days but as it turns out, rounded nails are ideal. You should pick rounded nails because of its smooth shape, which can avoid rip and snag. If you prefer your nails square, just remember to round the edges so it is less likely to catch on things.


Buff the edges

Regardless of the shape, you have to make sure that you buff its edges. This is to ensure that nothing is left hanging on their edges. Experts recommend that you use a nail buffer to get the remaining nail debris out under the nail and its sides. When filing, you should do it in one direction to ensure that you are not disturbing the nail fibers.

Properly prep your nails before painting

In most nail salons, they prep the nails by pushing the cuticles and filing. However, many professionals believe that dry manicure actually lasts longer and more sanitary. If you soak in water, it will cause the nail to expand and when it dries, it will contract. This will lead the polish to chip. The best way to prepare the nails is to cleanse it with nail polish remover.

Refrain from shaking the nail polish bottle

Traditionally, you see manicurists shaking the nail polish bottle. They do this when they see a separation. If you shake, it will create bubbles in the polish. Instead of shaking, experts suggest rolling the polish. Remember that there is a tiny metal ball inside that can help stir the polish. By rolling it, there is a good chance that you will end up with a seamless manicure.

Avoid applying one thick coat

Sometimes it is tempting to go for one thick coat. This is not good because it just means a longer drying time. You know that with longer drying time there is a higher risk of smudging. It is better to apply thin and even coats for a seamless look. Thin coats will allow the polish to dry in between.

Apply in three strokes

You have to keep in mind that the professional way to apply is to start from the middle then to the sides.

Fix your mistakes immediately

It is normal to get overwhelmed when you put polish but when there are mistakes, you have to fix it immediately. You should use a stick with a flat edge then dip it in acetone. If you have smudges, you should use your finger to gently push the polish back into place before adding another coat.