Install Water Purifier At Home & Enjoy The Best Drinking Water

water purifier

Healthy drinking water is a must for everyone. Drinking clean water is a must. Without pure water, we have to face the struggle to maintain our health. No doubt, tap water is safe at many places, but it doesn’t mean that you are not ingesting impurities and chemicals.

The water purifier is based on a process called Reverse Osmosis. In the RO process, a solvent is forced to cross over a semi-permeable membrane from a high concentration region by applying pressure. This process is opposite to the natural process called osmosis. The entire process of water filter purification is based on the principle of Reverse Osmosis. The maintenance of RO membrane is the utmost importance for the longevity and proper functioning of the water purifier filter.

water purifierSome Precautions For The Proper Functioning Of Water Purification

  • Sedimentation filter: it is the first stage of water purifier unit which blocks the impurities like sand from reaching the RO membrane. Ensure that RO membrane is cleaned on a regular basis to avoid clogging and additional pressure on water bumps.
  • Carbon filter: it is the second stage of water purifier. It eliminates the heavy metals and compounds from water. Regular service of the carbon filter makes sure the proper functioning of water purifier. It increases the taste of the water, in addition, to make water pure.
  • Ultraviolet light unit: the ultraviolet light unit kills the micro-organisms left in the water after purification. You must ensure that the UV unit is working well or if it is not, then change it.
  • Ultrafiltration: the UF uses fine fiber to eliminate the extra hardness from the water. You must change the removable UF kit at regular specified intervals depending upon the nature of the input of water quality.
  • Filter flow restrictor: the rate of wastewater dispelling from the RO is controlled by Valve called filter flow restrictor. It is fixed at the waste outlet pipe. Ensure that you install the proper FFR to avoid excessive water wastage or lesser efficiency of water purifier.
  • RO membrane: it is the heart and soul of water purifier. RO membrane of the appropriate gauge is installed in the RO unit in accordance with the input water’s hardness and TDS. TDS level must be regularly checked. If it is not in the stipulated range, then check out the Ro membrane and arrange for the replacement if required.

Timely service of water purifier is essential.

Why We Need Water Purifier At Our Home?

Drinking impure water make you and your family sick and leaving yourself open to many harmful diseases. So, the water purifier is designed to eliminate all the possible impurities from water and make it pure. Water purifiers come with latest purifier technology.

  • Our body is comprised of 70% water, so it is an essential vital element of our body. Water purifier ensures that you intake only pure water, excluding all the impurities. Drinking pure and clean water keeps us healthy.
  • Children are more prone to water-related diseases because they have a weak immune system. Having a water purifier at home allow you to drink pure water that can boost your immune system. An immune system will protect you from various seasonal problems.
  • Water flows from pipes to reach your home. Pipes may get destroy and break, which increase the risk of harmful micro-organisms. To ensure the protection of yours and your family from the micro-organism, you need to use water purifier which comes with ultraviolet feature. The ultraviolet rays destroy the micro-organisms.

What Should I Look While Purchasing?

We think of many things while going for a purchase. Let’s discuss what the things which you must take care of while purchasing the water filter are given below.

  1. The first thing that you should keep in mind is the water quality that you have at your home. RO is the best choice if you only want to remove tiny salts, metals, and impurities with a radius of 0.0005 microns.
  2. You must think of your daily usage and consumption. If you need it for drinking for a big family, you would need a high output rate. However, if it is low, you might think about to purchase the smaller one.
  3. The budget is one of the most important things. You can look at the list of products that is suiting your pocket. Though I always recommend going for quality and branded product as it is a long term investment.
  4. If you are well versed how water purification works, you must include this in your things-to-check list. Different technology and purification process makes a difference. What type of germs do you think available in the water, accordingly you can make your choice.
  5. While purchasing, you must think of its maintenance cost. The investment is being made to use the product; hence, accordingly, the choice should be made.