Recruitment of website testing specialists


If you run the website testing department of a large organization, you will probably go through the hiring process at some point in your career. This should be done whenever a change of personnel occurs or if the company has decided to increase its resources for website testing. The purpose of this article is to describe the general steps and problems that must be taken into account when the hiring process is performed for the first time.

Open Position Advertising

The first step, obviously, is to place a position both within the company and beyond. This can be in the form of a job advertisement in the corporate network of a company or in the advertising of a newspaper. The best way to attract a suitable candidate is to clearly indicate the qualifications required in public advertising to fill vacancies. The job description must include precise details. This will help attract a good group of qualified candidates for 안전놀이터 website testing for this position, which will increase the chances of hiring a highly qualified contractor with a proven track record.

Conduct an interview

Before scheduling interviews, the hiring process includes the selection of resumes to exclude candidates who simply do not have qualifications. It simply makes no sense to spend valuable company resources in interviews with someone who is not suitable for this position.

During the interview, each qualified candidate must be able to effectively answer all relevant questions. The main part of the interview should focus on the development of website tests, computer administration knowledge and network skills.

During the interview process, it is equally important to study the identity of each candidate and take into account how they will fit into the culture of the company. It makes sense to take detailed notes about each candidate regarding aspects such as their general appearance, how they are formulated and communicated, and to what extent they have the innate ability to work well with other team members.

Search skills

What are the basic skills and requirements necessary to qualify for a website test job? First, website testing specialists must have the demonstrated ability to complete the case analysis when preparing and executing test case reports to identify website errors and defects. It is not possible to accurately assess this skill during an interview because there is no standardized test that measures writing skills. But you can measure the candidate’s abilities and the demonstrated skills of communicating with previous employers. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate real-time problem-solving skills regarding their work experience and previous work history. 


Hiring website testers is very similar to hiring any other professional. The key is to place effective advertising, conduct effective interviews and fully understand the skills necessary to achieve success at work. With this in mind, you can filter out unwanted candidates and choose the best person to work for.