The right choice for your local conditions


There are often areas protected from the wind, which allows a better measure of the flag. For example, flagpoles of particularly high height are often chosen by companies that want to be noticed from afar. Even at the entrance of a large company, a high flag is much stronger than a smaller flag, which is less representative. On the other hand,  gardens and small clubhouses are generally well advised with a lower pile height. A flag raised too high would not be proportional to the building. You do not know what is the right size for your flag bearer? Our experts will be happy to inform you about the right size for your project. We know what is important when buying a proper stick used this

The good ratio between the size of the flag and that of the mast

The query often arises as to what is the accurate ratio between the size of the pole and the size of the flag to be attached to it. Although it is often the personal taste of the client that decides, there are still some recommended guidelines. They make sure that the flag is highlighted best and that it does not appear moved on the spot because the proportions are not correct. The size of your flag will indicate the support that suits you best. Of course, a small flag of 100 x 100 centimeters can easily be attached to a mast ten meters high – at least in theory. However, this usually seems inappropriate in this case. Because he is much too small for this height, his motive is barely recognizable. The flag can develop its desired effect accordingly little. In the worst case, it collapses and is ignored by passersby With square flags, an old basic rule has proven itself when choosing the right shoulder, which provides good guidance for potential customers. According to this rule, the size of the flag relative to the height of the corresponding mast must be on average from a quarter to a fifth. If this requirement is met, your flag will be shown to its best advantage foam board.

Stability and construction – which is important when buying a flagpole

Not only does height play a role in choosing a suitable mast for your flag. The diameter of the product is also of decisive importance for the overall structure. It should be reserved in brain that a mast that is installed for a long period or even permanently must have a larger diameter than a model intended for mobile or temporary use. Only then can you be sure that the media will provide the desired stability over a long period. Also, the thickness of the product greatly influences its stability. The thicker the mast wall, the more stable the mast. In the case of permanent marking, the thickness of the support wall is important. We will be happy to inform you about the points to take into account with our respective products so that you can make the right decision in each particular case.