What Causes Flat Feet and How Can You Prevent It?


When the arches of your feet get badly collapsed then you might experience a flat-feet condition. If proper care is not taken on time then this condition can every painful and annoying. Sometimes, it might even make your feet movements barred badly. If you are looking for the most obvious and simplest solution for avoiding these feet trouble then you can definitely start using high-quality insoles.

Causes of flat-feet:

  • Genetically transmitted from parents to their kids.
  • Muscle or nervous system-related diseases.
  • Rupture, dysfunction or damage of posterior tibial tendon.
  • Acute arthritis.
  • Ankle or foot injuries.
  • Weak arches of feet.

There are some risk factors that can accelerate the trouble of flat-feet to a great extent and they are diabetes, ageing, rheumatoid arthritis, ankle or foot injury and obesity. Prominent signs of flat-feet are pain and possible swelling of foot arches, calf, knee, lower legs and back and hip.

Ways to prevent flat-feet:

  • Feet exercises: For flat-feet doctors often recommend for practising some special kinds of feet exercises. Out of all the exercises, heel-cord stretching moves are the most effective ones and if you practice the same on a regular basis then you will definitely receive great results within a few months. These exercises need to be performed at the last two times in a day for receiving the expected outcome.
  • Using insoles: Nowadays, most doctors are recommending their patients to use arch support insoles for getting instant relief. These insoles not only support your feet arches but can also enable you walking or standing in a comfortable position for long hours. These insoles are easy to use and you just have to adjust them well into your regular shoes. Use these insoles regularly so that your arch can receive greater support. These insoles are highly medicated and thus they can help in the speedy recovery of flat-feet signs. In this case, high-heels are always avoided and the patients are strongly suggested wearing only nicely fitted shoes.
  • Painkillers: When the pain of flat-feet goes beyond imagination then the doctors generally prescribe painkillers for keeping the pain under control. OTC painkillers should not be taken as they might invite side-effects rather only prescribed ones need to be taken for having a safe usage. If you are facing any trouble or side-effects after taking the painkillers you got to inform the same immediately to your doctor.

If the flat-feet condition is too very complicated then only your doctor will suggest you the option of surgery. If you are using insoles then you will definitely feel a high-level comfort. Make sure you purchase these insoles only from popular brands. You can now learn the best flat-feet recovery exercises directly from videos streaming online. Taking proper rest is also a very necessary step.